About the Prison Watch Network

We are a small group of people who care for human rights. Our focus is mainly on human rights abuses inside prisons.
We aim to create more awareness with you about human rights and the lack of rehabilitation inside.

We also hope to show you that people in prison can be just as creative, intelligent as anyone outside, and that they need to have their voices heard as well.

If prisons are necessary, they should be places of restoring, healing the persons involved in crimes (victims and perpetrators). We oppose any prisons for profit, or any earning off crime.

We are not a legal organization. We are with only a few dedicated volunteers.

We endorse Restorative Justice and prevention from crimes in the first place by concentrating on better education, more personal mentoring, social justice, better care for the mentally ill, more community-building, to create a world where everyone is welcome and where everyone can grow. Everyone can participate by starting to bring about positive change in our own community and thereby in the world community.

We are with only a few dedicated volunteers. If you want to participate in one of our State- or topical blogs too, contact us and we will help establish for a blossoming Human Rights activity. We have a PrisonWatch weblog for each US State. We used to have the blogs all separate, but we have started to collect them into this one blog (well, except for Arizona, which is Peggy’s work of course).

We are not dependent on government or corporate media to wait for changes to happen. We can act now, by doing things we believe in. Solidarity and Compassion, Co-operating with each other should be our focus.


Twitter: @PrisonwatchInt