Important Meeting coming up: to speak for positive change in Nevada prisons

This article was taken from the post on Make the Walls Transparent:

Author: Mercedes Maharis MA MS MA

Who? Nevada Board of State Prison Commissioners:

Governor Jim Gibbons
Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto
Secretary of State Ross Miller

What? Meeting

When? 14 April 2009, 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Where? The Nevada Legislative Building
Room 1200, The Media Room
401 South Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701

and telecast to:

The Grant Sawyer State Office Building
Room 2450, The Gaming Control Board Room
555 E. Washington Avenue
Las Vegas. NV 89101

Why? To speak for positive change in Nevada prisons

If there are not at least 100 people at the April 14, 2009 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Nevada prison commissioners’ meeting, positive change has no chance to move forward in Nevada prisons. Without public support, business as usual will continue.

I have no family in prison, but, I volunteered over a decade ago to teach meditation at the now closed Jean facility in the Nevada prison ministry. Prisoner medical and dental conditions, and yes, death, opened my eyes. Today they are more open than ever. I can’t believe that there has been no forward movement.

Ely medical abuse info is available in detail here:

I have worked with prisoners who were released since teaching at Jean… gotten funding for their educations and used our own money, too, because the Nevada prisoners I knew had been unable to get skills training.

One died in our home, young, just three weeks before his graduation.

One transformed his life, got jobs, but is now permanently disabled and in a Nevada nursing home for life because of massive strokes. He was living proof that education works.

Prisoners die younger than most, along with the guards locked up with them. It’s a primitive system holding us all back when we could do the right thing offering programs and encouragement. Separation from society, if absolutely necessary, must be humane.

One disabled prisoner, committed suicide in a motel in Las Vegas because he could not get money for food or a place to live.

One went back to heroin use. Others, just plain giving up, have flat disappeared.

17 Nov 2008 I presented a letter and a brief analysis of the Nevada Department of Prisons, now Corrections to the Nevada Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice about medical and dental deficiencies in NDOC. I gave members the death lists up to 20 May 2007 hard to get through the years. You can find out the members of the committee to write to them and read my submissions (see minutes, exhibits of earlier meetings, too) and my conclusions here:

But, the members of the Nevada Advisory Committee on the Administration of Justice have failed to discuss the issues I presented, or to answer my earlier presentations and questions. Is stone cold silence their way to discourage inquiries about Nevada prison sentences turning into death sentences? We think so.

You may find more information of interest in their adjendas and meetings here:

In my opinion, unaccredited to professional standards prisons in Nevada and everywhere must be shut down. The slaughter of prisoners and the callous disregard of human rights must stop.

The Nevada State Health Officer’s prison inspection reports take place only a couple per year take place now, but the health officer has no power to force Nevada prison officials to correct the violations that the inspector finds.

If you attend the meeting 14 April 2009, we may find out how many health violations the prison commissions have ordered during the past years.

Maybe Obama will help clean up prisons in the USA. I hope so.