There´s no love here

In the depths of these dregs where our souls dwell in darkness as our minds dwindle like dust in the wind, we sit here with sad looks on our faces, waiting for a letter in the mail or a hot meal to be served. Waiting, waiting, waiting, always waiting for something, but it seems like nothing ever comes. Nothing good, anyways.

There’s no love here. Not in this artificial world of concrete and steel, surrounded by razor wire, and gun towers, which are enclosed by mountains on all sides. There’s no love in these confinements, just a lot of hate, anger. agony, hopelessness, loneliness and despair. The closest thing you’ll find to love in here, is pain.

There’s no love here, no sunshine, no fresh air. But if you open your eyes long enough to see, you will find that there is plenty of destruction, depression, aggression, torment, suffering, and death. The coldness that permeates the atmosphere seeps through our skin to our bones and chills our soul. We’ve been discarded by society, separated from our families, left to sit, suffer, rot, and die. They don’t care, so we don’t care. There’s no love here.

Coyote, 2008
Anarchist Black Cross,
Nevada Prison Chapter E.S.P.