Life at High Desert State Prison

From: Nevada Prisoner Voice:

01 JUNE 2009

High Desert State prison has really turned the clock back.

Whenever something transpires, all prisoners are retaliated against.

Shots are fired on a regular basis for no reason and we’re threatened daily with shotguns.

Some phones in the units don’t work, mail is still delayed and we only get a three hour visit once a week.

We’re served small portions, spoiled and nasty food.

If I file a grievance I’ll only be retaliated against and transferred up north. I also like being close to my Vegas family members.

I’m positive a shooting took place, a guard was shot as well. I didn’t witness the incident.

XXX allows guards to physically abuse prisoners. He’s afraid to walk the yard. I’ve only seen him once since I’ve been here. They do whatever they want to us here.

We have normal pens here. I remember the tiny fillers at ESP, the nasty powdered milk, but not the packaged meals. The food here is terrible, it’s getting to be less every day, and it’s never the proper temperature.

We get gym once a week, yard once a day for an hour. And this is supposed to be a medium security prison.

Prisoners aren’t clothed properly with state clothing, linen and bedding. Belts, shirts and coats are not sold in the canteen. The canteen never has the items it’s supposed to sell. Belts are not issued by the state, either.

Other prisons I’ve been at remove the unauthorized items and allow the other contents of the missive. One of my correspondents’ missives was returned because it supposedly didn’t have my back number on it, but it actually did.

Thank you for your support.