Washoe County Judge Ordered District Attorney to Turn Over Nolan Klein’s Entire File

Washoe County Judge Ordered District Attorney to Turn Over Nolan Klein’s Entire File.

Emailed to us on June 13, 2009, and also published at: Make the Walls Transparent:

If there is anyone who knows of an incarcerated person or has previously been incarcerated that has left our prison system who has ALWAYS MAINTAINED THEIR INNOCENCE and was prosecuted by former Washoe County Assistant District Attorney/Federal Prosecutor Ronald Rachow please contact me.

In a recent development a Washoe County judge has ordered the District Attorney to turn over Nolan Klein’s entire file. This week documents came to light and it was discovered that former ADA Ron Rachow withheld evidence despite a court order to turn over the evidence nearly 21 years ago. This would be in violation of Brady v. Maryland.

There is no doubt that this evidence would have exonerated Nolan Klein had it been turned over during the Discovery Process and it was not.

Nolan has just been informed of this new discovery by his attorney’s and myself. Nolan is in the process of receiving such documents for his viewing because of what has happened it now opens up the door for him at getting his conviction overturned.

If there is anyone who has information about inmates who have been prosecuted by Ron Rachow and again, have always maintained their innocence and have never waivered from that fact, please have them or their loved ones contact me at the following address below.

Hopefully, this new development may be able to help those who have been wrongfully convicted.

Thank You,

Tonja Brown
Carson City, NV