Stagnation is an intellectual Death Sentence

By Coyote

Sitting in solitary for years and years, I’ve learned that an active mind is a dangerous mind, but I think having an inactive mind, under these conditions is even more dangerous and very harmful to ourselves.

Surrounded by madness and perversion, these guards and this administration seems to want us to stay stagnant as we sit and dwell between steel and stone. They will even go as far as violating our civil rights to make sure we do not receive any self-empowering literature that coincides with mainstream beliefs.

Someone sent me some anarchist materials and the mailroom Sgt. Wouldn’t let me have it because they said it was “hate mail”. Anyone who truly knows about the philosophy of anarchists would know better. Anarchism doesn’t promote chaos and disorder as everyone has led us to believe. Some of the things anarchists believe in are autonomy, liberty, equality, mutual aid and solidarity, not racism or hate or violence or any of that. Someone sent me some literature on the Black Panther Party and the mailroom Sgt. Denied it, saying it was information on “hate groups.”

I guess they feel that we don’t have any first amendment rights. A lot of people on the outs are mistakenly under the assumption that prisoners don’t have any rights. Those mailroom officers are violating our constitutional rights on a weekly basis and the assistant wardens are allowing them to get away with it. One officer in the mailroom even told me that they’re passing out an average of 90 notices of unauthorized mail notification forms a day!

This is a serious issue. These officers feel that if our political or philosophical or religious beliefs don’t coincide with theirs, then they have the authority to deny us our mail under the pretext of it being “hate mail”. This is illegal and unconstitutional, yet they are getting away with it.

So it seems that we have been sentenced to stagnation. That’s like being sentenced to death. It’s an intellectual death sentence imposed on us by those who have the power to do so.

They would rather we sit in these cells and watch the “idiot box” all day and read junk novels and materialistic pop culture magazines. They don’t want us to have any real intellectual stimulation, they want us to stay stuck on stupid so we can get out of prison, fail, and then come back.

I have a kite from the mailroom Sgt. telling me he doesn’t want me spreading my poison, and since then, they have put a blanket ban on all the literature that is being sent to me, so that I cannot use it to spread consciousness in here. They think they have disarmed me, but I still have long political, philosophical discussions with other prisoners through the wall sockets or through the crack on the side of my door. We learn from each other: man sharpening man, each one teach one. They cannot and will not imprison consciousness.

And whatever side of the razor wire we are on, we will do everything we can to make the walls transparent!

June 17, 2009
Ely State Prison