Urgent message from Jackie Carter

Jackie Carter, #348-415
P.O. Box 9900,
Boscobel, WI 53805

Date: (received June 23rd 2009)

Dear Reader,
Please!! I’m in the worst condition and situation of my life! I’m being subjected to some of the most brutal, harsh, openly racist, cunning conditions one could ever possibly imagine! I haven’t had shoes on, underwear, soap to wash/bathe, adequate medical care, etc. for over 2 1/2 to 3 years! I’m being denied meals for months! My mail is being taken/withheld, my legal material is being destroyed via squirting jelly, toothpaste, magic shave, etc., all over it. I was given 120 more days in the hole because I refused to go outside in the wet, dark, barefooted (without shoes on).

Guys are overdosing every day. They are being beat, electrocuted, etc. I watched a lieutenant slowly walk away from a prisoner after he overdosed and didn’t return for over an hour later! It is cold (extremely) all winter. Guys are in these cells completely nude without towels, linen, toilet paper – nothing! Freezing! That’s punishment! They are housing and hiding mental prisoners back in these segregation units instead of sending them where they can get help. They are torturing mental prisoners, non-English speakers, etc. They are shooting guys with tazer guns with the long electrical wires. They spray asthmatic prisoners and all with chemical incapacitating agents and laugh as they choke. Then chain prisoners to the gate of cages and cut every stitch of their clothes off with a pair of scissors as a female c.a. video records the entire nightmare while the white men make jokes about Black men’s phallus; such as: “I see those ´myths´ about Black men’s penis ain´t true. Ha. Ha. Ha.” Referring to their shrunken penis caused by heatings, torture, tazer, etc. When I report this / these things, I am written falsified conduct reports and given 360 more days in the hole. Others, as you can imagine, are scared to death! To say a word! This is how they get away with so much!

So I am scared for my life but I must get back to my babies. I’m in prison because one of my daughters – a two year old – had a very strange medical problem where she’s he playing with her brothers and sisters and when I noticed I don’t hear her voice I’d go find her laid out. I’d pick her up, shake her, open her eyes, call her, etc. For about an hour she’d be really rubbery and limp while moaning. I was taking her everywhere to find out the problem. No one knew. One night I came home and I’d been out all day with two of my boys – Jackie and Osha. When I got home I waked all my other babies to see what’s up and see what they have to talk about and give them their goodies and get everybody to the bathroom. When I saw my two girls were wet – Tavil and Tyleesha – I went to hurry up and get them to the bath tub and wash themselves, their panties, socks, etc., before their Momma wake up to prevent spanking J
While in the shower/tub combo (shower was on, but tub unplugged), I heard my new born begin to get fussy. So I went to get him before he woke his Momma. I got him and his bottle, sat in the chair, put him on my chest to rock him. The next thing I know we both are asleep. I jumped up to go check on my babies in the tub. Noodles (Tavil) was gone. She had got into bed. Tyleesha was on the bathroom floor. I picked her up, shook her, put her on the counter top, tried to open her mouth, etc. Then went to call 911. When they (911) got there, we got into it because they were more into casting blame than seeing about my baby. Next thing they took me downtown , and tried to get me to say my wife had did something. I refused to play their little games. So they went back to the house and got my wife and our babies for more bargaining power. My babies were used as bargaining chips. She was told to sign these falsified statements against me or she would go to prison and our babies would he taken and split up between total strangers, including our newborn son – like new found pets. She complied L. But they again tricked her. Once she signed the falsified statements in order to save herself and our babies, they (the slick detectives) told her: oop! Mam, now you have incriminated yourself. Now, sorry, and used the falsified statements to take our babies and convict us both which is exactly what the falsified statement was supposed to prevent.

She (my ex-wife) is home now. She got seven years. Before trial she wrote me over and over telling me she is scared. That they were forcing her to lie and say things about me that is not true. I tried to show these “missives” to the judge (Timothy Dugan), along with some photos of me, my babies, nieces, etc. – horseback riding, swimming, sledding, etc. – to show I’m not the monster that they “always” try to make you look like in court but this judge refused to accept my wife’s missives and took my photos of my babies and to date, I have not gotten them back, no matter how much I begged or got others to beg for my photos back. Once in prison and not knowing the Wisconsin’s sleazy law (we are not from Wisconsin), I started searching for the law library to learn the law, because getting home to my babies is all l’m trying to hear.

Little did I know these people had other plans for me. Instead of going home to my Momma, Daddy, babies, etc., they wanted me to wash dishes, mop floors, cut grass, wash walls, etc., etc., etc., for 12 cents an hour. When I refused to slave for them and explained why (home, babies., not guilty, etc.) they told me: “Mr. Carter, we’re not social workers and all we know is that we need you in our food service” L slaving. When I refused, they stripped my visiting list. For years I have not seen my babies.

Before, during, and after that time, there was a world of racist attacks via retaliation after retaliation swamped upon me. Such as: all the heads were cut off my babies’ photos. My baby girls report cards were diced and sprinkled over where I sleep. Every white female photo I had was cut beyond repair, but all the Black, Latina, Asian female photos were left untouched. The white female addresses vanished. The Brothers’ addresses were left alone. I sent my son a box of coloring pencils before they got to him they were taken out of the box and pulverized. I spoke to my li’l cousin and niece who I spoiled and they let me know they had a cold. So, I sent them a bag of halls cough drops. The large 9×12 envelope was opened, as was the bag of cough drops, each cough drop was taken out of its wrapper. The empty bag and wrappers were put back in the envelope and mailed out to my cousin and niece. L Imagine what I was going through. Behind these babies thinking I would do something so rotten and cruel to them. They almost had me. I was about to make the National Guard come up here, then I thought about my babies.

One day the C/O stole photos out of my mail. See, we have to leave our mail open for them to read it, then seal it and mail it out. Third shift does this. So these people know all up your personal family business, family relationships, everything. Because they read and study our mail like newspapers, gossip columns. So they know how you feel, who you like, who you don’t like, etc. So they know when and how to press you to get the maximum response if you are not familiar with them and their capabilities. So, I told my friend and people, please don’t loose these photos – please! Don’t because I have yet to get duplicates. The C/O took all 36 valuable family photos. I was so sick. I am still sick. I cherish my family photos. They stabbed my Mom’s eyes out of her pictures and wrote “Die Nigger Moose Bitch” over her photo.
Listen to me carefully! Wisconsin’s three max prisons and the one supermax, including many lower security prisons in Wisconsin are ran and operated on every level by a clan of all white, openly racist close friends and family members on every level. Including, and certainly not limited to, the complaint department, so any type of relief is impossible. Let me explain further, O.K?

I report my abuse, my babies photos destroyed, etc., by a C/O – via filing a complaint. O.K? Now my complaint goes to be investigated by my abusers’ Mom, sister, brother, wife, Dad, etc., who works in the complaint department. So, without a doubt, my complaints are dismissed, rejected, etc. Then a falsified fabricated, major conduct report is written up on me (retaliation). Then I’m sent in front of their wife, Dad, cousin, ex husband, etc., who poses as a hearing officer. Who, no doubt, finds me guilty of every charge. And sentences me to 368 more days in the hole (where I am now), where their cousins, lovers, neighbors, aunts, etc., taunt and torture me every damn day – refusing to feed me because I refuse to get on my knees, etc. Back in the hole they degrade you to the lowest common denominator. Guys are back here screaming, kicking, and pounding the toilet, walls, sink and tossing, smearing, and covering their tiny cells and windows with faeces, blood.

They have been beaten, electrocuted, sprayed with chemical incapacitating agents until their skin peals. They’re mentally in need. But they keep them hidden in these places instead of getting / sending them to a facility that will help them. They yell (the C/O’s) “Nigger, Nigger, Nigger” and “Spick, Spick, Spick” over the PA system. They drag after beating and shooting them out of the cells barely able to stand. Chain them to this steel door and cut every stitch of their clothes off of them with a pair of scissors until they’re completely nude. All while a white female video records it as they make racist jokes like: “I see all those myths ab out Black men ain’t true.” (Referring to the shrunken, traumatized phallus. Their side! Three in the morning they will take Black guys with the longest braids out of the cell and tell them it’s a shake down and “I want every piece of that shit in your heads taken loose.” There is not one Black or Latino C/O., nowhere! So these racists don’t have to pretend. They be exactly who they are – Racist! Guys are scared to death because they know what they are capable of. So they don’t say a word. Then they use guys like me to make examples of. A lot of guys can’t write. Some guy was putting together knowledge of what is going on behind these deadly walls. The C/O’s got wind of it, locked the prison down, sent those guys to supermax (Boscobel, WI) and cunningly and strategically got to the news outlets and started spreading lies that they found evidence that these guys were about to destroy/tear up the prison, and the ignorant, unaware outside went for it. This was orchestrated by the Warden and the Security Director.

If mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, – family period – knew what their family members were going through and being subjected to, they would check on them deeply and often. But the average brother wants every body at home to know or “think” every thing is OK. ‘I´m cook I got this. I’m a man, Momma.” All the while crying and bleeding inside. Then the masters of deception helps out in the deception of everything looking fine by knowingly keeping the visiting room spotless. So when the average Mom or Grandmom, etc., comes to see (us) they look around and get a false sense everything is fine, my baby’s O.K. But little do they know back on the other side of the visiting room is Hell! Dodge County (in Wisconsin) has about five or six gigantic prisons in it (men and women) everybody that works in the prison is (as I say) close friends and family members from the community. The court house and sheriff department are made up of family and friends of the prison staff. The ex-police chief is head of the prison barials. His sons went to school with the old D.O.C. secretary.
Listen, a C/O. crushed my hand in a steel door slot. I wrote and wrote and begged the detectives to come in so I could file charges on this c.o. (Now he crushed my hand because I reported he called me a nigger). Months go by and no one would come to see me. Finally, after more pressure the detective that came was the prison’s sergeant’s wife’s brother, who quickly dismissed my case. So I wrote the Circuit Judge (also connected). He also denied to help me file charges on his family and friends in the Waupun prison. And to show ever more about close friends and family members, the nurse put in my files that I punched the wall!
They have killed so many guys in W.D.O.C. it is unbelievable. The females catch pure hell to! To save money for less false labor trips to the hospital, they tell them (the female prisoners) what day/date they are gonna have their babies and take it on that day! The females inform staff they are pregnant by male guards, the female is put in the hole! This W.D.O.C. has to be thoroughly and seriously investigated. Everyone is afraid of their so-called powerful union they have!!

I broke my foot and they let it heal deformed. I, not once, saw a doctor or nurse. They stabbed the eyes out of my Mom’ s photo and drew fangs protruding from her mouth and wrote “moose nigger bitch” across her breasts. My baby boys (Adonis and BeDown) sent me photos of themselves at Chuchy Cheese, having fun. They stabbed their eyes and noses out and wrote “Boom” on their foreheads and “kill nigger babies too!” on their photo. These were dismissed (complaints). For over 2 years I have been in the hole without shoes, soap, underwear. When I reported they stabbed up my family photos, social worker (“Z.”) falsified three pages, saying I asked to be moved to this plantation – concentration camp. Then they squeezed on tiny painful handcuffs and shackles and rode me to this plantation for hours – in serious pain – and no shoes, still. They stopped to eat and didn’t feed me or let me use the restroom. They told me to hold it. When 1 got there 1 was put in a plexiglass and steel cage and left from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. – nude and on display because 1 refused sexual orders and other orders to stick my fingers in my mouth and “flip up them soup coolers so I can see what´cha hidin”.
It was so hot that day, and 1 hadn’t eaten or had nothing to drink, so I fainted, and was left in the cage until I came to. When I came to I saw men and women C/O’s walking around looking at me as I was a bug with something inadequate. I also saw the female security director laughing and talking to C/O.´s Finally, when they came to get me – no, first they were laughing and teasing me with food and drink, saying “die nigger”. When they came to get me it was six C/O.´s and a white shirt. I was still completely nude. And they threw me in a completely empty concrete and steel cell on the floor. Then tossed in a dress-looking something, that smelled like faeces. Then told me if you want to eat, get toilet paper, etc., when we approach this cell door, go to the back of the cell, get on your knees, etc., etc., If you don’t, it’ll he counted as a refusal to eat. So, from 7/30/08 to 8/29/08, 1 only had three meals, because I refused to) be fed and treated that way and plus the paper bags were wet and nasty, etc. The three meals 1 did eat was given to me (full trays) by an unknowing rookie.

When I fell I hit my head and my vision is blurry to date. I still don’t have shoes, soap, nor have I seen a doctor or nurse. Again, there is no one to report to so lots of guys have given up and believe in their hearts that nothing can happen, so just shut up and suffer. I was told to keep your mouth shut and do time, or you will spend many more holidays in this hole and we are gonna break you or starve you. It is your choice, boy! You ain’t so big around here. (By Capt. Mark Lesatz). Whole entire families work in these W.D.O.C. prisons.

Another example: husband is a C/O. and his wife is a nurse. Their son, a C/O. Captain, his wife works in the complaint department – unit manager. His brother works in food service sergeant. His wife is the Security Director secretary and etc., etc. Wisconsin’s prison system is made up of close friends and family members on every level!

History clearly tells the world you can’t put 100% all white rule over 85% Black men. And they (the C/O’s) are left to police themselves. Death! Disaster! Dangerous! They take our property, manipulate our accounts. These guys in these cells are sick. Because to speak to a nurse is $7.50 co pay. And to allow themselves to sit undisturbed all day, these nurses manipulate that rule to prevent guys from seeing them by compiling hundreds of dollars of I.O.U.´s in their accounts and soon as your family sends you a dime, it is taken to put towards these I.O.U.´s.

I just tried to file a law suit and my abusers sabotaged it by holding my mail. With holding and preventing me from obtaining evidence. They break guys teeth, bones, etc, I hear guys in cells crying, hungry and hurt. They put me in a cell all winter – no heat at all. I swear I knew I´d die! I heard the unit manager (Linda Hoddy-Tripp) – she is about 69 – went from c.a. to complaint examiner, now unit manager at Supermax in Boscobel, Wisconsin. Now it is about 3:00 a.m. and I hear her and see about five of her goons (C/O.´s) coming down the hallway (in Boscobel), She is unaware of me being awake and listening to their racist diagnosis of “coons” as we are being referred to. One of the C/O.s: “It´s mighty quiet tonight around here. Usually when you bring in a lot of new ‘coonie boys’ they mighty loud.” Linda Hoddy-Tripp response: “That’s because they’re out of their element. If they were in their natural habitat they would be raping, robbing, and murdering and lord knows what else.”

These people make me sick. And those that know what I’m saying knows that no matter what their profession is their mindset stays the same. So, imagine having to see a dentist or nurse or any other “caregiver” that thinks and feels this way about you, to trust them to drill and inject “What” in you in a syringe. It is horrifying!

How do we report abuse? To the person they are not going to hold their Mom, son, wife, husband, etc., accountable for doing something – whatever! To a nothing ass nigger as I’ve been called on many occasions. This is criminal conduct! There is prisoners here for allegedly doing much less! Get their brother or Mom fired for breaking a nigger’s teeth out or killing a coon! Never will they do that!

I hear the computer is a valuable tool. If you look on it for or about Wisconsin Department of prisons, see how many lawsuits and what else one could find. I couldn’t and can’t get help or direction on filing criminal charges on a C/O. for breaking my hand or other abuses. But a prisoner squeezed a towel on a C/O. (he says) and a few drops of water. The very next day a detective was here (prison) to assist in the filing of charges on the prisoner for (in their words) throwing an unknown substance on him. Which is 5 years!! A prisoner was put in the hole for 368 days for not standing still when ordered (they call it disobeying orders), when he was having a seizure.
They hate my guts!! They say I’m full of hot piss and wild oats (whatever the hell that means).
My filing complaints for a disabled person or reporting their abuse they say, “Mr. Carter, it don’t concern you. It is a law in Wisconsin, that clearly states its prison time a felony for anyone failing to report knowledge of a crime. But I’m told it is not my business and my complaints are dismissed and rejected, etc. I was forced to walk around prison with a hole in my stomach and puss dripping, blood, etc. Because they (the MD) didn’t want anyone to know what he did to me. I had surgery (hernia) at U.W. Madison, Wisconsin hospital. But the prison MD (Larson, Charles) thought a drainage tube was left in me. He took some pointed scissors and stuck them in and cut. At that instant my stomach blew up. The size of a super large soft ball. It was left open, got infected, etc., for months. They had taken me through and subjected me to so much abuse one night I got very serious chest pain. I fell. I was left there because I couldn’t sing a co pay slip. The slot was closed and I was left there.

Another guy died (Mr. Powe) at that same prison (Boscobel) Supermax. They say he had flu symptoms but he was having a heart attack. Right now they are denying his (Powe’s) sister the medical records. They got their own grave yard and they use it. They are so cunning. They tricked families into not investigating their son or daughter deaths by saying they died from AIDS. This created shame so quietly they stopped.

Look how many prisons there are in Wisconsin. They are killing us while robbing us at the same time. For example, my family sends me $10. I get $3.15. When we ask what the hell is this? They say, “Oh yeah, we took this for ‘that and this’.” They have all sorts of ways to take our money. If I call home and Moma uses her three-way to call my brother, I get 90 days in the hole because I didn’t call my brother “direct”. So the prison could get the connection fee (their profit). I’m put in the hole where I am now because someone on the streets used their phone and services “‘they” pay for.

They have plenty more little ways that are state sanctioned robberies. They forge disbursements in our name and just take our money. In take money from someone without their authorization it is called a robbery. These guys (prisoners, a lot of them) in Wisconsin think it is supposed to be this way. The others are scared to death. And believe it is ok. I know better! I’m scared too, but I want to get my babies back!! So the hell with everything else.

Also with the pen (insert) I want you to see the affidavits from my ex-wife. She says she is sorry but trust means the world to me. And I feel deceived in the worst way. I need you to get this out to any and all that you feel will help and that is not afraid.

They even put a needle in my food. When I bit down on it, it broke my tooth! I’ m lucky it didn ‘t stab up through my gums or bone and infect me with the contents on the needle. Because I know they put something on it (the needle). Please!! I need help to be with my babies more than anything!

I did not, nor would I ever, hurt any child for any reason at all! Children love me. Anyone that knows me will tell you this. I don’t have any money (another reason I am still here) but I trade my food for postage/stamped envelopes, etc. to write. But would you please type or have this missive typed up for me and send me a few copies to distribute and you do the same! I´ll greatly appreciate that, I really would.

Lastly, I ask that you look at this (my situation) as if I were your son, brother, Dad, etc., speaking to you! Please!! Help me.

I want you to use this / these pages (my missive) any way you know how to get me the help I need to get home to my babies.

Distribute it any way to anyone. We need help to get back together. Do you or anyone know how to start a legal fundraiser to pay attorneys? I’m tell you if you were taken in to a prison in Wisconsin you start closely checking on everyone you know in a prison. They have the most cunning successful mental conditioning and slave program I’ve ever been subjected to in my life! And it’s promoted with straight fear and intimidation!! I know some people that have been trying to get up in her but they successfully hold them at bay (keep them out). But they have open house where they can (the C/O’s and staff) bring in their wives, Moms, and everyone in all the time. Especially their children, because they are supposed to be getting their children ready and showing them how to do our children.

Please help us (my babies and I).
I´ll always respond to all mail. If not, I didn’t get your mail.

Always sincere,
Jackie Carter