Inmate nearly dies of treatable Conditions and Diseases (NNCC)

Received via email:

On Sunday, July 27, 2009 I received calls from inmates at NNCC telling me about an inmate that I personally knew had been taken to the Carson Tahoe Hospital for excessive bleeding. I was told that this inmate was bleeding out of all of his orifices. On Thursday I received word from RMF that this inmate’s had been stabilized and was returned to RMF Wednesday night.

I know for the last several months this inmate has been complaining about the severe pain in his stomach and had been unable to see the doctor since his transfer to Warm Springs. Approximately 2 weeks before this happened the director was contacted regarding the condition of this inmate. The Director immediately had this inmate transferred back to RMF to undergo medical treatment that he had not been receiving.

On August 1, 2009 this inmate I know just called me and told me what had happened to him. Here are the details. This inmate said that on Sunday he was complaining of severe stomach pain that when he was having a bowel movement nothing but blood came out. He was feeling dizzy etc. He was asked if he had been vomiting which the inmate had not at that time. Then all of a sudden the inmate began projectile vomiting of blood all over the equipment. When they went to went to take his vital signs showing his blood pressure was 50/17 the person thought that his equipment was not working. The Ambulance rechecked his vitals and his blood pressure was 50/17.

The inmate was rushed to the Carson Tahoe hospital and was given 6 units of saline solution and 4 units of whole blood everything was going numb.. H was told he lost over half of his blood. They did 2 MRI’s that showed that he had an upper GI bleed out through his upper esophagus. The last thing the inmate remembered was the doctors placing a scope down his throat. The doctors fixed all of his problems. Well let’s hope and pray so.

Just so you know that this inmate was never seen for his severe stomach pains that he was having in excess of 10 months. Had NDOC treated him months ago this would have been discovered. He also was not being treated among other medical problems he was having that was discovered in November 2007 when he contracted MRSA. One of the medical problems that was discovered nearly 2 years ago and he was not being treated for and should have been was Hemochromotosis, a life threatening disease, a blood disorder that stores to much iron in your blood and can cause your vital organs to shut down. This treatment is relatively inexpensive that which requires blood to be taken out 1-2 times a week for 4 months. It should be noted that this inmate suffers from Hep C, and the ongoing complications from the MRSA he contracted nearly 2 years ago.

NDOC is negligent no ifs ands or buts about it. This inmate will be suing over this..

Tonja Brown