How to Submit Comments for the Record for the Meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners

There is power in numbers! From an email to us:

IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT WRITTEN TESTIMONY for this forthcoming meeting HERE´S HOW. Type or write an email with your concerns/problem and don’t forget to offer a solution. Staying within one page in as few words as possible has the best chance for attention.

Get it ready to be sent for arrival by 1 pm the day before the meeting to be assured it gets pre-handling done that is needed. It is to be emailed to:

For those of you in Las Vegas and Carson City: please try to attend at one of the two locations given. There is power in numbers. This is true even if you are just there to listen and observe. Those attending can get the “urge to speak” to something or ask a question to do so without submitting written testimony (which is truly useful since it is documented in the meeting minutes. Be sure to sign the attendance sheet so you get counted.

Here is the information about the location and time of the meeting: October 13th!

Please pass this information on to anyone who has a friend or loved one in the Nevada prison system!