“Nevada Southern Detention Center: A Work in Progress”

What a waste! In this day and age, to build a 1072-person prison, in a state where water is scarce. To call it “environmentally-friendly” is utter arrogance. Private prisons earn money on keeping people locked up. This should not be something to earn money on. The accent in the whole of society should shift from locking up to correction, rehabilitation, forgiveness and education. This will create a lot of jobs, and these are much more constructive and rewarding than guarding people behind bars. This is the ´facility´ (to use a euphemism for prison) that is being built near Pahrump:


Although construction on Nevada Southern Detention Center is still in its early stages, the 120-acre parcel where the facility will stand is bustling with daily activity. Construction began in early May and is on schedule to be completed by the third quarter of 2010.

Chris Murphree, CCA director, Construction Management, oversees the Nevada Southern construction process. “In my role, I review the construction schedule with contractors, ensure that the scope we need is put in place and monitor the budget,” he explains.

Upon completion, Nevada Southern will be a 1,072-bed, medium-to maximum-security facility occupying 60 acres of the parcel where it’s situated.

“Nevada Southern will be outfitted with state-of-the-art security electronics and equipment, and its design will incorporate energy-saving features,” says Tim Debuse, CCA senior director, Project Development. Environmentally-friendly features include low-flow toilets, lavatories and showers, as well as energy-efficient light fixtures and reflective white roofs.

“This is a new design that we believe will enable us to manage the population more efficiently, and it will also offer great financial value to our customer, the U.S. Marshals Service,” says Bart Verhulst, CCA vice president, Federal and Local Customer Relations.

Together, the design and location of the facility are cost effective. “Instead of using multiple facilities with varying conditions, locations and proximities to the federal courts, it allows the customer to put their population in one facility where they can more effectively monitor offenders and efficiently move them to and from the courts in Las Vegas,” Verhulst explains.

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