Prisoner assaulted by staff in Ely State Prison

1st of December 2009

I would like to open this letter with my utmost respects. I was told to write you & tell you about my story in hopes of a little help! Here´s the truthful story about an assault that two C.O.´s put on me.

My name is Jeremiah Van Clinton. On 11-16-09 I was told by two C.O.´s (H. & J.) in Unit 2B-25 at Ely State Prison Max. to cuff up & they were doing a cell search of my cell so I did cuff up in hand & leg cuffs. I was brought to a gated locked shower, while those C.O.´s conducted a search on my cell.

I was in the shower 10 to 15 minutes when the C.O.´s H. & J. finally came to get me to go back to my room. I asked the two C.O.´s what they took out of my room & C.O. Herring told me “Not to fucking worry about it!” I said: “Don´t bite my head off, I was just asking a question.” The C.O.´s got my shower open and C.O. Herring grabbed one of my arms & Jones the other. C.O. H. yanked me out of the showers, almost making me fall, since I was in hand & leg cuffs. He told me: “So you think you´re tough! I´ll fuck you up, you´re not shit!”
I said: “I´m not trying to be tough, I just asked a question that´s it.”

C.O. H. said: “Turn around or I´ll plant your face on the floor.” He said: “Walk faster” too. I turned my head and told´em: “I can´t walk no faster, in leg cuffs, stop yanking me so hard. I didn´t even get to turn my head back before C.O. H. stepped on my leg chain & shoved me to the ground; he got into my ear and said: “I´ll kill you, you ain´t shit!” J. had my feet and was saying: “Stop resisting, faggot.” I said I am not resisting, I didn´t do shit!”

C.O. H. then put me in a choke hold and was choking me until I couldn´t breathe. Then he got in my ear again & said: “Fuck you, you ain´t shit, why don´t you give me a real reason to fuck you up?”

He finally stopped choking me and I said: “You just choked me for no reason.” Then that is when I felt the first (k)nee to the back of my head causing my forehead to hit the guard rail real hard, making a bump right away, then the second (k)nee hit me causing my right eye to hit the floor, then the third nee hit me, causing my left eye to hit the rail so hard it almost knocked me out & it slipped my whole eye open so bad, I had to be rushed to the hospital for inside and outside stitches. There is a camera footage of my face & pictures. I now got a two inch scar, headache that never goes away & numbness, and my eyebrow twitches uncontrollably. I got witnesses who saw it and made affidavits, stating what they have seen.

They moved me out of my unit and would not let me talk to no one. I was not given nothing for the pain, even after I asked. Instead of the C.O.´s getting into trouble for clearly using unnecessary force and violating my 8th Amendment, they wrote me up, falsifying legal documents, keeping me from witnesses, and now they are moving me to a whole other prison & did not give me no pain meds.

They say I was resisting and trying to head-butt the C.O.´s, but that is not what the witnesses saw, even though they don´t count, ´cause they are criminals, and cops are always right.

If you could please help in some way I would be so very grateful for it. I don´t know anything about the law.

Thanks and Please,


Jeremiah Clinton
P.O. Box 607
Carson City, Nevada 89702