Jamie Scott, Governor Barbour, Compassion and Grace

From Sis Marpessa
Jamie Scott’s situation remains unchanged. Our legal experts are working on a variety of different angles to make things happen for her.  Atty Jaribu Hill wants to thank all of the supporters ….. The atty. advises that we continue to focus on the governor’s office with calls, faxes and e-mails as this will complement the work that is happening.

In 2009 this governor pardoned a man that killed his wife after the woman was continually complaining about him to the police and so there is no reason that he not release Jamie and Gladys Scott who are guilty of no crime and not even charged with any violence!

Mrs. Rasco did an excellent interview on WJZD Mississippi radio yesterday to call out for help from those listeners.  Please help us to push for more national media coverage to get this case the attention it needs!

There is a major problem with some callers cursing and yelling when calling the prison.(Even I know that’s not good.) Please control yourself when speaking to these people as these outbursts are not helping but instead are actually harming our efforts.  Thanks for keeping it together and being polite.

Please use the below in your mailings and postings where a general overview is needed.  Thanks so much to all of you who have answered the call to fight for Jamie’s life and freedom for the Scott Sisters!
Here is the latest from the Scott Sisters campaign. So Jamie’s life now also rests in the hands of this man. I hope he has met her family. I hope he is a man who has some compassion and grace.
If you snail mail anything to the Governor’s office about clemency/commutation, remember to let the little ones participate. They come up with the best stuff, sometimes. They really make it simple.

I do hope this man has a heart, and gives a listen to Mrs. Rasco’s pleas.


Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150
Fax: 601-359-3741
(If you reach VM leave msgs, faxes, and please send letters)