UT: You’ve Taken A Sober Man’s Car Keys?!

Dear Utah Prison Watch, Dear World;

You’ve taken a Sober Man’s Car Keys!?

By Brandon Green, 01/23/2010

Seems the Utah State Prison Draper Site Warden has wrapped up his “investigation” into the abuses occurring here in Uinta One Supermax. The conclusion he has given us is, in a nutshell, “prisons are not always nice places.” The one thing he seems to have left out, or forgotten to share with the world, is it was discovered this prison building is such an ‘unpleasing unit’ that two abusive Sgt’s, and the very Captain in charge of his sadistic cronies, have been transferred to different buildings.

Now, we are not being told why, but I do know you aren’t supposed to take a sober man’s keys. If these officers weren’t found to be abusive then why were they moved? Is it honestly that big of a deal to admit wrong doing and problems in prison management? Because I sit here a student of your “corrections”, and am asked to change myself, I must realize my short comings and attempt to better myself; but I’ll get nowhere if I don’t face the fact that a problem exists in the first place. Right?

A person is supposed to learn by example. I should look to my captors, and the administration that oversees these gentlemen, for guidance in how to act and become when they release me to society. Is it safe to say, Dear reader, that if I one day come across abusive citizens abusing fellow citizens that I should turn a blind eye on the whole mess while pleading and beseeching the victims to “please do not speak up”, “please I beg you allow me to just give these men different victims to abuse, at least it won’t be you and we can forget the whole deal”.

These staff changes are public information, at least I believe so, and in order to become a Sgt. a person needs over ten years of employment as corporal, officer etc. I know for a fact both Sgt’s worked their ten years in this very building. But now they’ve been moved, for no reason, after ten years of exemplary, problem-free service? Again I cry ‘Bullshit’. The administration knew this whole time these Sgt’s were ‘Drunk’. The paper trail of grievances proves this. The left over nooses hanging from our air vents, and the grieving families of those who committed “suicide” speak volumes to anyone humane enough to just listen.

These men have “murdered” untold convicts in their day by way of sleep deprivations, mental anguish and torture, starvation, sexual harassment etc. etc., it’s all there in the documented 11/12/08 to 11/17/09 abuses, and they are being allowed to just switch buildings, switch victims, with no punishments, no admission of wrong doings, No ‘corrections’.

I’ve sat through it America. I’ve witnessed the whole cruel act from start to finish perpetrated on individuals by the men your tax dollars employ. They begin by taking every personal belonging you have to your name, including even state issued clothing and mattresses. Alone and naked a man sits day in and day out pacing his cell to stay warm and tire himself out enough to be able to catch some sleep on the cold concrete slab in between the door knockings and verbal taunts every fifteen minutes.

Then they don’t feed you for weeks and months but maybe a cold meal every other day. You become sick and weak and depressed, you literally beg for it to stop, you bawl, but still they keep you awake all hours. Now you’re angry because no mercy is shown. You become mad and bang around on the steel door and concrete walls. Nothing breaks because nothing ‘can’ break. Everything’s solid. But your knuckles bleed and you knees scraped up. So you’re “Hurting yourself” is what they scream, and mental health is called, and you’re placed on pills to allow sleep on cold concrete, and smile in the morning, entirely drug induced.

But they still won’t stop, you are taking their pills and kneeling down and standing up when they tell you to, but they won’t stop. Your mail is ripped, missing, food spit in and/or non-existent so you become truly at hopes end. You become truly suicidal. But they won’t let you die. Cut your wrists or throat and they’ll just sew you up before you bleed to death. Hang yourself and they’ll perform CPR barely in time.

These things will occur at the hands of medical and mental health staff who are only on scene momentarily, they leave and the ‘officer’ starts in again on you. “Kill yourself, you’re a sucmbag, you have no balls to do it, pussy, you’re never going home, I’ll celebrate at your death, Ha Ha” etc. You can’t sleep. They won’t let you. You can’t draw or write a letter, you don’t have a pen. No one believes you when you say they’re hurting you. You’re broken.

They move you to a place where no one will discover your body for a couple hours. So, you do it. You probably are sad but it pales in comparison to the fear and pain you shakily knows imminent if you don’t hurry and get it over with before they come back. Before they start in on you again.

What did he do, this 110 lb. bruised knuckles scabbed kneed youth of only 19? What did he do to deserve all this torture and pain? Was he a murderer or rapist? What did this lifeless hanging body do that was so bad to just end it? He came to prison on joyriding for being drunk and stupid one night. He got arrested with some marijuana and couldn’t pay the steep fines while still in high school.

This young man is the reason there is a ‘war on crime’. He is the reason prison buildings keep popping up on the horizon. He isn’t placed in prison to ‘correct’ him. If he was corrected then how are they going to fill the empty beds? If they can’t fill these empty beds people will lose jobs. So they gotta keep him here. We gotta keep him back. We gotta f—k him up that he’ll f—k up his families lives and his friends lives. We need more bodies. We want more money. Our kids gotta eat….

What’s it going to take America for you to see the error in this system? Do each one of us, every single family, need to experience the heartache of having a family member in prison before we wake up to the injustices perpetrated ‘in’ these prisons? Our families know. My dear mother knows what this place has done to me. I’m not the same, will never be ‘okay’ in the everyday sense because I have seen the hypocrisy first hand.

They tell us to ‘stay in school’, ‘get good grades’. We stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. We say…’with liberty and justice for all’…. Where’s the damn justice to a young kid being sentenced to death for joyriding! In Reality that’s what occurs here in Units one U.S.P.. In reality that’s what occurs across America.

It says ‘and Justice for all’, not just those in the free world. Not for everyone ‘not-in-prison’, ‘ALL’! Where’s the justice going to be when that nineteen year old kid doesn’t kill himself but paroles a hallow, frightened shell. Never left his home state, but still jumps at the sound of a slamming door. Came to prison on a victimless marijuana charge and became a victim. His abusers were not even punished but just moved to another building like nothing happened. No one believes or understands his pain. He’s traumatized like a war hero but never been to war.

So, Dear Reader, We know there was abuse, we know these officers were “Drunk”, the warden took away their keys. Can’t we as grown men and grown women learn from this fact and move on instead of hiding it like little children? In all reality these officers become abusive because of the system, it’s learned from what I see through the criminal mentality come ‘from’ prison. We learn it here. Our captors teach us it. What’s happened here in Utah is proof of this. I’ve not encountered a single ounce or iota of integrity or dignity or humility from administration in all this. Like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar they deny they ever climbed the counter and filched a treat.

God Bless America, Free and Caged alike.

Brandon Green, USP