Visiting in a Louisiana Correctional Facility as Defined By Them

The visiting terms at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center are spelled out quite clearly on their website. If you have no computer at home, I guess you’re just plumb out of luck unless you call the facility.

When an offender first arrives at Hunts, they are placed in reception.(HRDC) For the first thirty days, they are not allowed visitors. Their website states: “If an offender’s stay at HRDC (the reception center) exceeds thirty (30) days, it is possible for the offender to request and receive special visits if approval of the Administration is secured. Such visits are generally allowed with certain members of the immediate family i.e. parents, legal spouse, sibling, grandparent or child of the offender.”

My husband was transferred to Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility on December 28, 2009 from a private facility in north Louisiana. He was placed in HRDC. According to my calendar, and I do know basic math, his thirty days are up. Yet, he is still in HRDC because every facility in Louisiana is filled to overcrowding and Hunts has no place to put him in general population. Keep in mind that he is in for a technical parole violation. He is not in for a new offense.

As per the guidelines at Hunts, he filled out a form requesting a special visit with me, his wife. He even called me to make sure he had all the information filled out correctly. He did write to me and advise me to call before I made the drive, but it’s been my experience in calling these facilities that one person can tell you one thing on the phone, yet when you arrive, you are told something else. I opted to take the chance.

When I arrived at Hunts, my visit with my husband was denied. I was flabbergasted. I politely inquired as to why the visit had been denied. I was told they could not verify my relationship to my husband. What? I am his emergency contact on his paperwork. We have the same address. We have the same last name. I provided identification in the form of a Louisiana driver’s license. We are legally married. I have the marriage license to prove it. I’ve been visiting him since his parole revocation.

So, they won’t give him a visiting form for him to send to me to fill out. A special visit was denied. He has been in HRDC for over thirty days. For some reason he hasn’t called me to talk to me about this. I know my husband. He WILL call home. I suspect they have denied him phone privileges and I have no clue why. What next?