Innovative electronic mail system


On February 23, 2010, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction will begin using an innovative electronic mail system at the Madison Correctional Institution to allow family and friends to use modern day email applications to correspond with their incarcerated loved one.

To be clear, this program will NOT provide inmates with direct email access. Rather, it will allow those who wish to correspond with an inmate to enter into a subscription through a third-party website, at a cost substantially less than the postal service, and that company will serve as the vehicle to manage emails between inmates and their loved ones.

A schedule will be posted soon showing when the JPay email service will be available at other prisons throughout the agency.

What am I allowed to mail an inmate in prison?

The policies and procedures on inmate mail are posted below for your information. Inmate Mail 75-MAL-01.pdf

Printed Material (Includes printed material that may be mailed to inmates) 75-MAL-02.pdf

Offender Personal Property (Includes inmate package regulations) 61-PRP-01.pdf

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