Locked out: Prison Ready, But Won’t Open

A new 163-million dollar prison in Canon City will be completed by spring, but because of the state budget crisis will sit empty.
By News First 5
The new facility offers nearly 950 maximum security spaces and corrections has a long list of inmates they want to put there. Prisoners who are habitually disruptive are isolated in cells there for 23 hours a day. It is a system already tested at another facility and is successful in reducing violence.

Because of the states budget problems the spring opening was first delayed until states new fiscal year which starts in July. Then as the budget hole continued growing the opening was delayed indefinitely. “So there is the need,” says Corrections Spokesperson, Katherine Sanquinetti, “We also understand the personal service dollars to staff the facility may not be here this year.”

There is talk of finding partial funding to open a wing of the prison. A Greeley lawmaker has suggested selling to a private prison company. Southern Colorado lawmakers believe the idea is neither feasible nor responsible.