Don’t Let Politics Hold Up Justice in Ohio

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A critical bill to address the causes of wrongful convictions and protect the innocent in Ohio has stalled at the last minute.

Can you spend two minutes to get it moving again?

The bipartisan bill, SB 77, includes eyewitness identification reforms, recording of interrogations, evidence preservation and other important reforms. It was approved by a 32-1 vote in the State Senate, and it has the support of police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and civil rights organizations.

What’s holding it up? Speaker of the House Armond Budish must call a vote in order for it to achieve final passage, but he’s letting this critical reform stall on his desk. This bizarre turn of events has many Ohioans scratching their heads, because nearly every high-level official in the state supports this legislation.

Your voice can help ensure that this bill becomes law. Please send a letter right now urging your Representative to insist that this bill gets a vote in the House. Click here to take action now — it takes just two minutes to make a difference.

When you take action today, you’ll be far from alone in supporting this important bill. Several state leaders have spoken in favor of this reform package, including Gov. Ted Strickland, who has said he will sign the bill when it reaches his desk.

Attorney General Richard Cordray and former Attorney General Jim Petro have voiced their support. Rep. Tyrone K. Yates of Cincinnati called it “one of the most important pieces of criminal-justice legislation in this state in a century.”

More than 250 people have been exonerated through DNA testing in the U.S., including eight in Ohio. As these tragic injustices are overturned, they reveal flaws in the system that can be fixed, but politics are getting in the way of safety and justice. You can make sure this bill is passed by urging your representative to do the right thing today.

Please take action now.
The Innocence Project

I just sent an email to the state House of Representatives urging them to stop delaying on a critical bill to prevent wrongful convictions and enhance public safety. Will you join me? Take action here: CICK HERE TO SIGN
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