Letter from a concerned world citizen to Ms Kuykendall for Governor Barbour

A similar letter was emailed to Ms Kuykendall on March 5th.

Dear Ms Kuykendall,

I am a Dutch and British citizen living in The Netherlands. I request your help to pass this message on to Governor Barbour. I have heard about a woman in prison in Mississippi who is gravely ill with kidney disease and diabetes (I can relate to this since I have diabetes myself). Her name is Jamie Scott, and her DOC nr is 19197. I also read that she and her sister Gladys Scott are in prison on a life sentence for stealing a small amount of money, (which they deny having anything to do with), I think this is very very harsh and it does not make the streets safer to lock these mothers up for life, and possibly letting others off on a deal, as can be read in the article on solitarywatch.wordpress.com.

As a Dutch, British and European citizen, I request that you ask Governor Barbour to feel mercy for these two sisters, and especially Jamie Scott, who is very ill and would be better off when she would be cared for in freedom. I am sure that most people who are merciful and forgiving and not afraid of people who made one minor mistake 15 years ago, where no one got hurt, would find it an act of humanity and normalcy to grant these sisters forgiveness and thereby what is left of their lives back, and their children their mother back.

I pray and I hope that you will find the spot in your heart where the Lord lives, and let Him speak bravely for those who are suffering, the sick and the prisoners who have done their time and who have been redeemed since so very long.

In positive hopes of your acts of mercy, I remain,

Yours faithfully,
(my name)