Solitary Confinement Deserves a Vote LD 1611

Maine legislators have the opportunity to take an historic step towards prison reform. LD 1611, the bill that would limit the use of solitary confinement, is up for a vote by the whole legislature any day now.

Most of the legislature’s votes are yes or no to a committee’s recommendation on legislation. Usually, the committees have clear recommendations. But the legislature’s Criminal Justice Committee split into three factions on LD 1611. Seven committee members voted to kill the bill. Four committee members voted to issue a resolve asking the Department of Corrections to investigate itself. Two committee members, Representative Jim Schatz (D – Blue Hill) and Senator John Nutting (D – Leeds), voted to pass the bill as amended.

An issue as important as solitary confinement, which medical experts define as torture, deserves a full and fair debate by the full legislature.

Please contact your legislator. Call them at 287-1400. Or e-mail them here. Tell them to urge their leaders to allow a vote on the Nutting/Schatz report.

Thank you for all that you do,

Alysia, Brianna, Claire, Edward, Katy, Shenna, Zach

ACLU of Maine