All should be concerned

A letter we received from Kevin Lisle.

“A First Tenet of our government, religious, and ethical tradition is the intrinsic worth of every individual, no matter how degenerate. It is a radical departure from that tradition to subject a defined class of persons, even criminals, to a regime in which their right to liberty is determined by officials wholly unaccountable in the exercise of their power…”

My name is Kevin James Lisle, I´m a prisoner at Ely State Prison on Nevada´s death row. It was said by state appointed attorneys representing me, “That any effort expended on Kevin Lisle´s cases was an exercise in futility.”

The Nevada prosecutor Daniel M. Seaton would portray me in his opening statement that: “Mr. Kevin Lisle had a life of – well, his family were gang members,” even though he offered no testimony from the state´s gang expert, or evidence in either of my two trials that a crime was committed, “to promote, further or assist the activities of the / a criminal gang.”

Mr Seaton would go on to express a chilling animus towards the normal incidents of prison life in his closing arguments, “Is it any punishment for a life of crime and violence and murders to send somebody to prison for their life where they get to have activities, they get to exercise, and they get to associate with other people and they get to write letters back and forth to their family?”

I would learn years later that the prosecutor´s office and Las Vegas law enforcement would further draw a connection to the unsubstantiated gang theme in a debased display of jury escorts by SWAT team members that shifted the trial from its emphasis on evidence to emotion.

Mr. Seaton would then cause a good ol´boy meeting of minds to impose some vigilante retribution in a letter to the inspector general of prisons Ron Countrymen.

Though Mr. Seaton failed to establish in either trial that my “family were gang members,” it didn´t stop him from profiling me in his letter to Ron Countrymen for desperate treatment, as a targeted Hispanic…: “The third difficulty I forsee with Kevin Lisle is his connection with the MRU… my understanding is that before he went to prison the first time, and while he was in prison, he became intimately close with various factions of Mexican gang members in prison that Kevin Lisle could be extremely influential with them, thus endangering the lives of other inmates and prison personnel.”

This arbitrary blanket security concern had other underground aims unrelated to any legitimate penological interest. The tentative means of an overt psychological character disorder had yet to be artificially inflicted. The fact my trial lawyer, Ralph Baker, would address the psychological preparations with the Federal Public Defender, Michael Pescetta, before my trials, and then fail to present relevant expert testimony from Dr. Lewis M. Etcoff and Dr. Manuel Saint Martin, had future implications.

The warden of Ely State Prison, E.K. McDaniel, would subject me to an indefinite Administration Segregation on the High Risk Potential (H.R.P.) status upon my arrival.

The “special order” of this status suppressed “All forms of correspondence… including all incoming and outgoing mail,” without any notification to me or adequate reasoning. It promoted a culture of callousness by causing unit staff to avoid “conversation with this inmate” in which they all acquiesced these special orders in a mutual unstated understanding.

In my Inmate-tile would be two confabulated 1993 “Mental Health Screening Reports” that included my name, but not however, my evaluation. I had none of the ailments listed and took none of the medication prescribed. The more important features of this report was the psychological descriptions of being suspicious and distrustful, “a self-fulfilling prophecy Ely officials intended to create.

The Ely committee reports would recite I was “identified” as a “high profile gang leader” as a controlling precedent. My own inquiries for the HRP status would show unrelated reasoning in the false accusation: “You think it was ok to be assaultive toward staff in CCDC?”

It would soon be realized by Ely prison staff members that they had no direct knowledge of their identifier, who the identifier was, or if there was sufficient evidence being relied on to warrant the HRP status. In 2007 it would be determined the HRP status was “due to crime.”

The HRP status would afford Ely officials the opportunity to house me among the general population disciplinary control unit, the exact opposite of Dan Seaton concerns of “minor” gang member exposure.

The constant hostile environment invoked predictable responses of frustration, obsessive preoccupation, irritation, agitation, impulsive anger, anxiety about the future, bad attitude fostered by the unrelenting breach of fiduciary duties, including mail tampering and unlawful censorship.

The stringent conditions I was being made to suffer hark back to the prosecutors chilling animus against the normal incidents of prison life, but more importantly they sought to maliciously inflict an emotional distress so debilitating it would unnaturally manifest predictable psychological outcomes.

When I started to show signs of hypertension and blood clots in 2001 in my right leg that has nerve damage and does not allow full control of coordination, it was called a “superficial blood clot” and treated with a hot pad and aspirin by what´s come to be called “The Ely prison medical death squad.”

In October 2005 I would suffer a minor heart attack due to a blood clot, and though blood tests in November 2005 would confirm this, I wasn´t informed nor was I treated for my condition.

I was then moved into a cell next door to a psychotic prisoner that I had knowingly been exposed to earlier in 2003 (in keeping with the means to an end) until I started suffering hypertension, insomnia, heart palpitations, sweating, flashes before my eyes and panic attacks. I would be treated with ´Altivan´ in what was being diagnosed as a “psychosis.”

On April 16, 2007, the “loaded gun” that was my blood would “misfire” in my left leg, causing it to become swollen and immobile. I was wheelchaired to the infirmary where the deliberate indifference continued and I was treated with diuretics and antibiotics and wheelchaired back to my cell. Four (4) days later blood tests would again confirm I was in peril from blood clots.

On May 2, 2007, a higher power would then “jam” the gun in my left leg in an undeniable swollen and immobile deep vein thrombosis. Up until this point, Ely medical officials documented an extensive record of stereotypical psychological ailments bordering on extreme hypochondriac.

In a newspaper article, an NDOC representative, Fritz Schlottman, would claim he didn´t believe a doctor at any facility would act callously toward an inmate, ignore an inmate´s complaints or withhold any medical services. The impunity given to numerous officials to facilitate torture as a means to an end; permitted, encouraged, tolerated, and ratified a pattern and practice of unjustified, unreasonable and oppressive regimes.

It´s a well known fact that the effects of a prolonged solitary confinement will emerge a severity of psychological disturbances, in this case 16 years worth.

The alarming fact that my lawyer Ralph Baker would purposely withhold expert psychological testimony, that Nevada Department of Prisons would fabricate false psychological evaluations that had “ready-made” psychological disturbances; the fact years later the Federal Public Defenders would be instrumental in producing a medley of psychological apologies for my progressive “adolescent” violent behaviour, would seem surreal.

It would end on the note of psychiatrist Julie B. Kessel, through the Federal Public Defenders. Ms Kessel would extrapolate years of solitary confinement and Ely prison medical records to feign a diagnosis amiably centered on a predictable outcome…

“Kevin had multiple infection, medical illnesses, considerations of seizures… bouts of bronchitis and rhinitis and hypogammaglobulinemia (a kind of immune deficiency)… In 2001 Kevin developed a deep venous thrombosis in his paralized leg, and was placed on blood thinning agents. Kevin states he was told he had a minor heart attack in 2005, confirmed by EKG. However, the records do not support that that diagnosis was offered. He was placed on Coumadin and medication was added for high blood pressure…

On 5/2/07 through 5/4/07, Kevin was admitted to the hospital for evaluation of
chest and leg pain which failed to respond to diuretics and antibiotics for two
weeks… He was diagnosed with extensive left lower extremity and pelvic deep
venous thrombosis, and atypical chest pain… The psychologist diagnosed Kevin
with a personality disorder with schizoid and schizotypical features (due to
symptoms of paranoia, generalized suspiciousness, and odd perceptual

In 1993, while in prison, Kevin was assessed as being distrustful and suspicious… In 1994, and shortly after his arrest through mid 1995, Kevin was noted to have a lot of somatic preoccupations… also noted to be hostile and suspicious, to display extreme racial bias, and to be an assault risk. His attorneys noted his bizarre, unpredictable and hostile behaviour… Kevin reports that he thinks he also began to lose touch with reality. He was unable to sleep or eat for extended periods, was highly anxious, vigilant, fearful, irritable, and depressed. He became very angry, would write threatening letters to the guards and felt his skin twitching and tingling… He reported thinking he saw a ghost… His writings and communications reflected disorganization, bizarre parapsychic preoccupations and paranoia… He has not had the benefit of treatment with an antipsychotic medication… Presently, Kevin feels harassed, punished, singled out, and mistreated… He believes his medications were withheld in 2002, causing him to develop DVT´s, heart attacks and high blood pressure. He believes that in 2006 his medicines were withheld in order to induce a heart attack… He reports chronic anxiety… He is depressed, angry and scared… he sweats excessively, experiences racing heart, is easily startled, experiences vertigo
and headaches… He cannot concentrate, has very impaired sleep… hears scary sounds, sees shadows and feels he is being watched, stalked, set up… his ears ring, his head spins and his skin crawls…”

The fact that a malicious aforethought existed absent the traditional aims of punishment, and the magnitude of an efficacious treatment in the guise of a discriminatory blanket security argument with pejorative connotations of a knowingly singled out group, infers its own further contriving aims. That my conditions of confinement inflicted a distraction so great, my feeble attempts to obtain copies of discovery, transcripts and other related documents pertaining to my case went unheeded.

The Federal Public Defenders would piecemeal certain documents out of my I-file starting in 2004, and do the same with my case documents from 2005-2009 while simultaneously suggesting a memory lapse about certain details.

It´s a well known fact that prolonged solitary confinement causes specific psychiatric symptoms: Hyperresponsivity to External Stimuli, Perceptual Distortions, Panic Attacks and Difficulties with Thinking, Concentration and Memory.

After years of what can only be described as a fishing expedition / interrogation by numerous transient Federal Public Attorneys who either knowingly or unknowingly focused on “selective” inquiries on the “Police Chief´s son murder” while for the most part ignoring the Kip Logan case.

It was no accident that my case documents were kept from me and then provided to me the way they were at that juncture as I´ve been able to piece together the farce and sham that I always knew was a tapestry of fabricated false pretenses.

The fact there didn´t exist any statements regarding the Police Chief´s son from me or my Co-defendant, Jerry A. Lopez, and that the state´s case hinged on the circumstantial testimony of Adam Evans who made a deal with Daniel M. Seaton in exchange from a potential life sentence in the Kip Logan murder, would turn out to be a crucial element to mine and Jerry´s innocence that was / is being literally litigated away by compartmentalized attorneys.

Ely prison officials have never “validated” me or Jerry as gang members and continue to impose the highly injurous HRP status on me using conclusory language “safety and security.”

The Ely prison medical death squad continues to treat me with deliberate indifference in an attempt to cover-up their past deliberate indifference that by all accounts was an attempt on my life.

Everything from high level conspiracy to unlawful and unconstitutional abuse of authority runs the length of my death penalty cases. Anyone who is familiar with the nefarious nature of retributive vigilante justice by officials cloaked in the presumption of honesty and integrity would be remiss if they didn´t crack this case.

For more information on this case, please contact:

Jerry A. Lopez #50484, 1200 Prison Road, Lovelock, NV 89419

Kevin Lisle #49948, P.O. Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C: paragr. 1746, I declare and verify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on January 27, 2010.

Kevin James Lisle

The letter by the warden of ESP instructing the personnell on how to treat Kevin Lisle (click to enlarge):