SCOTT WATCH: MDOC Stands by Their Failed Plan.

This just in today from Nancy Lockhart. This is pretty grim. I think the Mississippi ACLU needs to intervene in an emergency way, or the DOJ on an ADA complaint…she’s not getting the care she needs or even the constitutionally mandated level of care the prison has to provide. The ACLU in other states has successfully made an issue of health care as a right in prison – it’s an 8th Amendment (“cruel and unusual”) matter.

Even Mississippi’s community physicians are criticizing Wexford’s or the MDOC’s medical decisions.
It would help if those physicians witness to this negligence and malfeasance started a petition around the hospital calling for minimum standards that should be met for Jamie’s treatment, and/or for her full release from prison.

As for why the MDOC so stubbornly stands behind the work of Wexford, I don’t know. Maybe they were too cheap or lazy to really monitor them, and don’t want that to come out. Does the MDOC really want to go down with Wexford on this, or would they rather bust them and be the good guys who swoop in and save Jamie’s and a whole bunch of other Mississippi prisoners’ lives? The longer the MDOC defends Wexfords’ decisions and ignores community physicians and a constitutional standard of care, the deeper they’re going to be implicated in the outcome. They can all go down together if Wexford continues to abuse and neglect this woman.

The state has been amply warned – everyone is responsible now. They all get automatic emails of these blog posts – as does someone at Fox.

The MDOC can’t possibly be ignorant of the trouble New Mexico had with Wexford recently – I actually expect that’s precisely why Mississippi figured they could cut a good deal with the Wexford, selling prisoner medical care to the absolute cheapest and most corrupt health care provider they could find. MDOC is either not monitoring that contract closely, and Perry is asleep at the helm, or they are completely complicit with Wexford in wha will be civil and criminal suits over neglect and abuse.

This kind of kidney damage is EVIDENCE of abuse as called for by the PRLA; whatever Jamie has done as far as the formal grievance process goes thus far, it appears to have gone all the way and hit a dead end at the highest levels of decision makers – everyone says she’s in good hands with Wexford (except the other medical professionals who actually see her, not the administrators who open her file).

Jamie is needlessly suffering as a consequence of inadequate and incompetently delivered medical care,and the gross indifference paid to her health and safety by prison officials.

Does anyone know: Has Dr. Perry ever spoken to or read the recommendations of the community doctors who dispute the Wexford and prison decisions? Has she ever examined Jamie herself, or looked at her current, daily chart? Has she inspected the facilities she’s recovering in? Does she know for sure what condition Jamie’s cell is in?

Is she staking her entire reputation and decision on this case solely on reassurance she’s getting from the very people most invested in keeping her uninformed? Can she really trust them?


Maybe Wexford is following your lead, in which case you are the source of the problem with medical services at MDOC. If you’re following Wexford’s lead, Dr. Perry, I urge you to take a more direct and personal look at Jamie’s care, rather than writing us all off as being hysterical and misinformed.

Talk to those physicians who disagree with Wexford. Find out why. Adjust Jamie’s care plan accordingly – and let her sister have access to her to help. Especially if what’s really happening is that she’s dying and you are refusing to save her life. You should at least let her family have more access. At least show some kind of compassion and good judgment on behalf of someone there.

Better now than when you’re looking at a wrongful death suit – having left a woman to suffer and die who will also likely be exonerated. Lets hope that doesn’t have to be posthumous.

——free the scott sisters——–

Subject: Jamie Scott Update and Request For Public Participation

Jamie Scott was returned to her regular jail cell at CMCF in 2A B Zone on approximately March 30. A permanent fistula was placed in her arm, however she still has the painful catheter in her groin area. Jamie was told this will remain there for about 6 more weeks as her arm heals and her veins become strong enough to take the dialysis. After surgery her potassium spiked and she had vomiting and seizure. She has been stable since that time as far as we have been able to determine.

One of the doctors who examined Jamie told her that she is at stage 5 kidney failure,which is the worst and considered end stage, and that in the “free” world she would qualify to be on the list for a kidney transplant. Other testing confirmed this and concur that it is the fault of MDOC because they should have caught it much sooner than when it reached stage 5, especially in light of Jamie’s constant medical complaints and their denial or shuffling of her medications.
MDOC should not have been placing those temporary catheters into her neck instead of placing a shunt in her arm before now, but they were basically taking the cheap way out.

Jamie needs to be RELEASED because the prison cannot be trusted to give her ANY SEMBLANCE of adequate medical care, particularly in her advanced stage of disease! As has been posted previously, Dr. Gloria Perry stated that Jamie is not a candidate for transplant! Jamie’s sister and other family members have offered to be tested for compatibility, yet been denied by MDOC.

In a Mississippi Clarion Ledge article on March 18, Commissioner Epps was quoted as stating:

“We’ve got a lot of sick people in Mississippi,” he said. “Prison is just a subculture of the culture. When they come in to us, unfortunately, many times they haven’t gotten treatment until we get them.” All told, Epps said MDOC has 258 male and female inmates with HIV or AIDS. But it doesn’t end there. Altogether there are 5,621 inmates with medical conditions ranging from failing kidneys to heart disease.”Those are some staggering numbers for a population of 21,000 people,” he said.

He said he hopes the department can “get by” spending $50 million this year on medical costs. Some inmates with complicated medical problems are released, he said. “I just signed off on 72 persons for medical release,” he said.

Jamie nor Mrs. Rasco have received any information to indicate whether or not Jamie’s name might be on this list.


Free The Scott Sisters Now in Mississippi is collecting 10,000 signatures on the below letter, so please support and pass them on! Please copy and paste the below, sign and return to Atty Lumumba’s office as instructed,this is very important so please participate!!

Information Line: 1-888-600-5311

Governor Haley Barbour
P. O. Box 139
Jackson, MS 39205

RE: The Scott Sisters

Dear Governor Barbour:

I would like to bring your attention to the case of Jamie and Gladys Scott. These sisters have served more than 15 years of a double life term where no one was murdered or injured. State’s witnesses have testified to their innocence. Jamie Scott’s kidneys have failed and her health is fading fast. We need your help now. Mississippi needs to know that those of us who believe in justice and human rights are prepared to take a stand for the Scott Sisters.



Truly Concerned

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Please forward this letter of support to:
Free the Scott Sisters
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