Prisoner Support SOS:Thalia Outlaw, Mississippi.

From  Sondra Dillard HumphreyApril 9, 2010 at 9:38pm at “FREE TALIA OUTLAW”

Thalia is incarcerated with the Scott Sisters.

Subject: Thalia needs all of you
Please keep Thalia in your thoughts and prayers. She is really having a tough time and needs to know that she has people who believe in her and who are fighting for her. You will never know how much your words of encouragement mean to her whether it be through e-mail or snail mail. Thank you so much!

If you’d like to e-mail Thalia directly you can do so by going to the website:

You can either search by her name or her MDOC number, R7934. The minimum amount of credits you can purchase is $5 but the cost to send an e-mail is $.42 and it gets to her quickly. As always, I don’t mind forwarding anything to her that you want to send through me.

You can also send her mail directly to her regular mail at:

Thalia Outlaw, R7034
C Bldg, Bed 103
P O Box 88550
Pearl, MS 39288-88550

Have a great weekend all and thank you so much for your continued support!

Sondra (and Thalia)

——————————-from Facebook site “Free Talia Outlaw”———————– 

Thalia Outlaw is serving life in prison for something she did NOT do. She was convicted in 1999 of murder. In fact, it was self defense in a domestic situation with a man whom she was no longer involved with and who continued to harass and stalk her. The vandalism of her property and physical assaults on her person had become overwhelming for her. Three months pregnant with her youngest child and only daughter, Thalia had moved on and was involved with another man. This did not stop her… (read more)