Existing Isn’t Enough

Received from John Neff

It is absolute madness as the phantoms of volatility wreak havoc on even the most humble, peaceful man. Prison is doing its job for a society that does not even know it. We are now animals in our cages to be teased and the games of our captors have stretched beyond cruelty. The corrupted hands of those in charge and filthy from the criminality and torment that they inflict.

The regime that is turning us into doormats and daring us to challenge them is intolerable. Our festering hatred and need to do something about it is driving us crazy with fantasies of violence. This environment isn’t letting us change and it will not stop applying pressure. We are steadily losing bits of the infrastructure holding our humanity together while our captors continue to laugh at our impotence to do much about it; this is exactly as they designed it. If we snap, we are giving validation to their methods and more can be taken away.

Society needs to know what they turn a blind eye to and start to see this factory of discontent that it is engineering. How safe is anyone from those who only wish for retribution from the wrongs imposed upon them daily? This place has already reneged on its promise of rehabilitation. They’ve tossed hope into a landfill and buried it in self pity – then they set it on fire and the fire burns the color of desolation.

We are parlor tricks forced to dance for authority’s amusement. Our minds are being numbed by our circumstances while intellect diminishes from lack of stimulation. We jump when their schedule demands it and the cycle only worsens all the time with no end in sight. Time is trying to beat us into complacency with rules that serve no other purpose except to punish. The routine has us leaping through hoops to obey or else we will be denied the most basic necessity of life – food. Laws don’t protect us anymore or assure us of any fairness or even a measure of human treatment. The laws can be broken at will because even the courts will not intervene.

It costs too much to things right and the state budget allows the system of deference. They are given a license to oppress as long as society approves and since society doesn’t even know where its money or time is being wasted, it has no objections. Ignorance is the only way this system runs like this without a hitch.

Between the drab mountains of Nevada, in the vastness of its barren landscape, lie cesspools of the system’s disease. Prisons just like Ely State Prison that few really know about because it remains hidden from the populace by mirrors to deflect scrutiny and is draped in the layers of nonchalance by the tiny dot on the map it supports. The warden here wears his town like a ring on his fat finger and it has become his puppet to control just like he controls the prison. No one opposes his iron fist here. This is a dictatorship of “good ol’ boy” friendships and a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is always in place. All of the veneers may look clean and shiny but there are many dark facets to this world. Everything is only covered in the pristine white spackle of righteousness while many secrets are swept under the carpets of excuses that allow the system to overlook everything that is truly going on.

Currently, as a new day dawns with no changes forthcoming, the problems are glaring and staring at us to provoke us it seems. Just yesterday, a man was denied the human right to eat with no other recourse for nutrition available since the prison cancelled our purchase of supplemental sustenance through the canteen. In the past weeks, this has been the latest tool of abuse and has happened at least seven other times. Our food has even become involved in punishment and is leverage to satisfy morbid fascinations.

No one cares to fix it here forcing prisoners to improvise ways to fend for themselves behind a closed steel door. The question exists of how to stop what is happening? How fair is it that hired caretakers act this way without thought of repercussions? Isn’t their job contingent upon assuring every prisoner under their care the same treatment? The prison is well aware of the underlying abuses that take place but they just close their eyes to it acting like it never happened and let it persist unchecked. Where does a man turn when he is denied so much? When he only has his will to survive and has had enough? There is nothing left except his nature or his violence to get results for his suffering and even this is frowned upon. Yet, the abuses must be stopped somehow. The torment must exist through our mistakes – not our captors or this environment.

Contact those in charge to voice complaints or to ask questions to find out the truth. Or, write to me if you prefer!

John Neff #54213
PO Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301