Arizona Immigration Update

Heading down to the Capitol this am – there’s a vigil every day, 11-1, to protest SB 1070. God Bless the young people of Arizona.

Come support us if you can, from wherever you are in the world – this is Arizona’s “Freedom Summer.” This is the turn of history.

We’re all going undocumented…


Honor Russ Pearce.

Hey, if you all hit the Police State to lodge your protest, you should have a chance to make a donation to a good cause. They even send a card to the person you’re doing it to honor. Some Friends of Marcia Powell were hanging out when I wrote the Governor, so we honored Russ Pearce with our donation. Here’s the card he’ll get in his email (watch my back, now, please, folks…). 

Had we thought it out, though, our few measly bucks would have gone to SAVE THE MACEHUALLI – so that’s where you should go after shooting an email to the Governor, and buy Russ some Virtual Tamales. I’m sure the center will be happy to send him a thank you card if you do it in his honor…lets see how many tamales we can buy him…


This eCard will be sent to

  Dear Russell Pearce,

An online donation has been made on your behalf via Network for Good, by the Friends of Marcia Powell, to the National Day Labor Organizing Network, in tribute to your most fascist legislation, SB 1070.

Freedom Summer, Arizona, 2010. Thank you!

We Shall Overcome SB 1070.

Hey Folks – Note the new widget to the left and click on the Police State to take action against SB 1070. It’ll take you to a page to email the Governor. You can use the canned letter they provide, or write your own. Even though she’s received over 6,000 emails from the site, I wrote my own:

—————————————-Subject: “We Will Resist SB 1070”————————————-

“We were kind of hoping you would save us from the fascists, not collude with them, but rumor has it that you’ll be signing SB 1070 any day now – or just letting it pass into law – not vetoing it.
You still have time to save the day – you can still be the hero of this civil rights movement. Or, you can pave the way for people like Pearce to have even more power over people like you and I.
This will be your great test, I guess – do you have what it takes to fend off the bad guys in the legislature, or do we need a new chief executive?
I don’t believe you would sign this bill if Pearce didn’t have some kind of leverage with you that we can’t see, because I think you know the harm it will do us all. It’s going to tear this place apart.
Remember Mississippi’s Freedom Summer? Arizona may have a similar boost in tourism soon – possibly of people not carrying documents. What a mess that could be, all those civil rights activists getting stopped and detained because they’re passing through Arizona looking too brown…how embarrassing, and what a waste of law enforcement resources, verifying that they’re all citizens…
And no doubt hate crimes against Latinos and their sympathizers are about to go out of sight. The bad guys here carry guns everywhere, you know. Most poor people don’t.
So, many prayers are with you tonight, as are the hopes of young citizens with undocumented parents, communities with undocumented neighbors, and a whole lot of undocumented and silenced victims of crime who will never feel safe anywhere again…
Would you tell the young woman from Chiapas who is raped that she should have known better, and deport her in cuffs? Or the Guatemalan teenager looking for his parents that it’s their own fault if they’re lost in the federal detention system (earning big bucks for CCA every day they stay “lost” there) – then lock him up, too, until they’re “found”?
That’s the kind of stuff you do, Governor, every time you sign off on one of these abusive pieces of legislation that Pearce pushes through. It’s all only gotten worse for people of color in this state under you. If you really believe, with all your heart, that this bill is good for Arizona – sign away. By all means, be true to yourself and honest with us about the implications.
But I don’t think you really believe it will be good for Arizona. I think you know there’s a fascist or two among us with far too much power, and that this piece of legislation comes not from a love of America, but from a fear of everyone brown – citizen and non-citizen alike. It’s about white supremacy. If you sign it, you can’t later claim ignorance or innocence – you’ve been advised by the very people who would know what evil this is.
We’re saddened to think you’ll be signing SB 1070, Governor. Just don’t think it will win you any votes from the far right – and be sure it will lose you many from the center – once this thing sinks in.
This bill makes us the most racist, fascist state in the country, and we will resist it until the young and the wise and the poor are powerful enough to throw you all out of our State House and Governor’s Mansion…”

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No MORE DEATHS. Resist SB 1070.

As most of you know by now, Arizona is gearing up to be the first state in the country to dramatically expand police powers to stop, question and detain individuals for not having proper identification.  The Governor will be expected to sign this bill into law this week…unless we fight to stop it! Please get involved in whatever way you are able.  There will be actions every day at the Capital until she VETOES this bill (or signs it).

 Here are things you can do to help:

1.  FIRST…if you haven’t already called or e-mailed the governor, do it NOW!  Tell her to VETO SB1070!
Call her at 602-542-4331
Or, e-mail her at:

2. Daily activities at the Capital (subject to change)

Monday – 
– Funeral & Mourning for Courage and Leadership – 12noon
– sponsored by Border Action Network
In front of Senate Building

– Daily vigil in front of Governor’s office -11:00-1pm

Tuesday – (this is the day the Governor receives the bill for her signature)
11am – Press conference – at Capital
11-12 – Interfaith Prayer Vigil – at Capital
11:30 – Delegation to Governor’s office
– Daily vigil in front of Governor’s office -11:00-1pm

Wednesday – DC press conference, in front of the DHS office. (for those living near the DC area…come out and support this)
– Daily vigil in front of Governor’s office -11:00-1pm

Thursday –

– Protest at CPLC Dinner (more information tba)
– Daily vigil in front of Governor’s office -11:00-1pm

ACLU of Arizona Condemns Passage of Immigration Enforcement Bill

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, April 14, 2010                                
Contact: Alessandra Soler Meetze, 602-773-6006(office) or (602) 418-5499(cell)

PHOENIX – Following a vote in the House of Representatives to dramatically expand police powers to stop, question and detain individuals for not having proper identification, the American Civil Liberties Union today condemned the passage of SB 1070.
“From business groups, faith leaders, and privacy advocates to municipal governments, police chiefs and prosecutors, Arizonans from all walks of life came forward to oppose the bill,” said Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona. “We are extremely disappointed that House members chose to ignore the serious concerns they raised in favor of political expediency.  History has taught us time after time that it does not pay to trade in our basic liberties for fear mongering.  Arizona will unfortunately have to learn that lesson again.”

The bill requires police agencies across the state to investigate the immigration status of every person they come across whom they have “reasonable suspicion” to believe is in the country unlawfully.  To avoid arrest, citizens will effectively have to carry “their papers” at all times.  It also attempts to make it a state crime to violate the federal laws on registering with the Department of Homeland Security and carrying registration documents, curtails the free speech rights of day laborers, and encourages unchecked information sharing between government agencies. The bill will likely be transmitted to the Governor in the coming week after a vote on the Senate floor to reconcile the House version with a prior version that passed out of the Senate in February.
“Instead of working on real solutions to the immigration crisis, our legislators have devised a proposal that is full of shortcuts,” added Meetze. “Contrary to what proponents of SB1070 say, the bill does not prohibit officers from relying on race or ethnicity in deciding who to investigate.  Police untrained in the complexities of immigration law will have a green light to harass anyone who looks or sounds foreign.”
The ACLU said that the provision that makes it a state crime to violate federal registration laws will likely be found unconstitutional. The Supremacy Clause gives the federal government exclusive power to regulate our borders, and with very few exceptions, states are not free to create their own laws regulating immigration.
Similar attempts by other localities to create their own immigration laws have been repeatedly struck down by the courts. Just last month, a federal court in Texas permanently enjoined the City of Farmer’s Branch from implementing a housing ordinance prohibiting rentals to undocumented immigrants.  This was the City’s third attempt at drafting such an ordinance, a failed experiment that has cost residents about$3.2 million in legal fees to defend.  Other ordinances have been overturned in Riverside, NJ, Valley Park, MO, and Hazelton, PA.  
“This bill is so far-reaching that many U.S. citizens, Native Americans, and lawful residents will predictably be swept up in its application,” said Dan Pochoda, Legal Director of the ACLU of Arizona. “The enforcement provisions rewrite the Constitution by turning the presumption of innocence on its head.  When the community loses trust in law enforcement, we all pay.”

Read the ACLU of Arizona’s updated analysis on the bill that passed the House on 4-13-10.
Read written testimony delivered before a Senate committee on January 20, 2010.
Read written testimony submitted to a House committee on March 31, 2010.
These materials also are available under the “legislature” section of the ACLU of Arizona Web site at:

Laura Ilardo
No More Deaths-Phoenix