Settlement in the works on Nevada prison suit

So, what about helping prisoners get medical care? We hope this is not another cover up or lost chance to get at least medical reforms to Nevada prisons.

Associated Press, via Review Journal

April 21, 2010

The state of Nevada and American Civil Liberties Union are trying to finalize an agreement to settle a class action lawsuit over medical care for inmates at the maximum security prison in Ely.

An agenda released Wednesday shows the state Board of Examiners will be asked next week to approve $325,000 in fees for the ACLU in the 2008 case thas was certified as a class action by a federal judge last year.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Reno asked for a court-ordered monitor to oversee medical care for about 1,000 inmates at the prison.

A lawyer for the attorney general’s office says an independent monitor is not part of the propose settlement, other details won’t be released until fees are approved.

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