Fed. court: ‘Gladiator prison’ suit can continue

By REBECCA BOONE – Associated Press Writer

BOISE, Idaho — A federal judge says a prison violence lawsuit brought by 24 Idaho inmates against Corrections Corporation of America can move forward in court.

U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill says he can find no reason to prevent former Idaho Correctional Center inmate Marlin Riggs from modifying his lawsuit to seek class-action status and add additional plaintiffs.

Riggs sued the Nashville, Tenn., company last year, and in March several more inmates joined him. The group says the prison is so violent it’s called “gladiator school.” But CCA asked the court to reject the amended lawsuit, saying Riggs should go it alone in court and the rest of the inmates should file a new lawsuit.

Winmill turned down the request, saying it was more efficient to deal with the claims together.

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