Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment: Family Survivial Guide

FREE Family Survival Guide

FREE! is a grassroots collective of people impacted by the hardships resulting from a loved one‘s imprisonment. Our mission is to support, strengthen and empower impacted families through peer-to-peer support –“each one teach one,” self-advocacy and self-development through trainings, public education and community dialogue, waging and supporting grassroots and policy campaigns (such as the NY Campaign for Telephone Justice) and creating and promoting media products that reflect the voices and experiences of those most impacted by a culture of mass incarceration.

This publication was written by family members of people who are incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. This resource guide was created in the spirit of unity, and as a companion for understanding, navigating and healing.
This guide is focused on NY but is a great model for other states.

Each chapter of the survival guide contains answers to common questions as well as personal stories from our members who have experienced what you are going through now or may come to face in the future. These personal stories and resources can help guide you in your decision-making and action processes. The Appendix contains a list of resources that members of FREE have engaged to continue this work.
To get a copy of this 100 page guide contact:

Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment
PO Box 90, Syracuse, NY 13201

Email: freefamiliesinc@gmail.com