Urgent appeal – PLEASE take action today!

From Mississippi Justice Facebook Cause:

I have been contacted by the family of Fredrick Bell, the are now desperate and are begging for your help. Fredrick’s case is due in court this month, an execution date is likely to be set for mid to late November. Fredrick is a father, a son, a brother, and uncle. He is a healthy and likely innocent man.

It is now beyond vital that if you have not already done so you sign this petition. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fredrick_bell/

This is an article Fredrick wrote and sent to me, it is his plea, in his words:

The State of Mississippi, the root of deep south racism, injustice, and lynching’s upon African American people. Innocent men sit inside Parchman notorious prison. 
In the State of Mississippi in 1991, a robbery and murder occurred at a store. Police was able to recover fingerprints, a bottle and other materials to be tested for DNA. Police arrested Fredrick Bell and Anthony Joe Doss. Doss allegedly confess to the crime, alleging that it was Bell’s idea to rob the store because of being in need to gain money. 
In 1993, Fredrick was tried and convicted by a jury that was not impartial but rather tainted. A member of the victims family was able to sit on his jury. During the course of Fredrick’s wait before he was tried, he repeatedly requested his Attorneys to test a fingerprint and bottle that had been recovered from the crime scene. Gathered with evidence not tested, and a crime never adequately investigated by his lawyers Bell was found guilty and sentence to DEATH ROW!!!. 
He has remained warehoused on Mississippi death row for 17 years. 
Today new evidence has surfaced that could free him from Mississippi death row, despite the fact that he has a possible November, 2010 execution date. Fingerprints from the cash register did not match Fredrick’s and he was not even in the State of Mississippi when the crime is to have allegedly occurred. A witness in the case has since recanted and revealed that he was coerced by police to finger Bell. 
The time is now to Stand up for Fredrick and to demand the Mississippi Governor, Courts and your State Senator to not execute this man without first ensuring that he receives a fair trial. 
No person should be executed, but we are in a evil time where the people believe that the death penalty deters crime, but this has never proven to be the case. All across this country wrongful convictions are on the rise. Police, Judges, Prosecutors, and Governors have played sufficient roles in getting it wrong when it comes to the criminal justice system. No other race has suffered from these lynching’s more then the African American people. Troy Davis is on death row in Georgia when seven out of nine witnesses have recanted their testimonies, clearing Mr. Davis as they detailed how police coerce them to finger Troy. 
Bell is just one of many case where Courts and Governor’s have ignored recanted testimony to proceed with death penalty lynchings. We are calling on the Mississippi Courts and Governor to break the chain of ignoring newly discovered evidence to proceed with the carrying out of a death sentence. Bell has always maintain his innocence and he should be afforded with the mercy from the Courts and Governor to have every right to show his claim of innocence. Fingerprints that were recovered from the crime scene should be tested immediately. THE FINGERPRINTS SHOULD BE RAN THROUGH A DATABASE TO DETERMINE WHO THEY BELONG TO. The fingerprints do not belong to Bell. 
Write your Governor, State Senator, and News Media. Bell should not be executed without a fair and impartial hearing on his claims of innocence, all evidence in the case that can be tested DNA, should be tested now. (You can follow this case on Facebook. Log on to facebook and request to be MARK A. CLEMENTS friend. For more information on this case you can contact MARK A. CLEMENTS, Administrator for the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at (847-276-1382) CAMPAIGN TO END THE DEATH PENALTY FREE FREDRICK BELL NOW FOR A STATE LYNCHING!

We are now seriously running out of time to help Fredrick, once he is dead it is too late then.

Please take five minutes from your day to imagine the heartbreak and hell, both Fredrick and his family are going through, and show your support by signing the petition. PLEASE!!

Mississippi justice also have a web site, there is a video there made to help Fredrick, there is also a video giving details of a rally the family have planned. It is vital, time is running out quickly. Sign, share, help save a life.

In peace and love – Judie