Class examines prison system from the inside-out

Posted: September 01, 2010

By Julia Ferrante

EDITOR’S NOTE: Senior News Writer Julia Ferrante was allowed to observe the class at the Muncy women’s prison on the condition that she abide by the rules of the Inside-Out class. Therefore, inmates interviewed for this story are referred to only by their first names, and the details of their cases are not included.

LEWISBURG, Pa. – Nadia Sasso grew up in a part of Washington, D.C., where prison was a fact of life for many people, especially men.

Her life in many ways was shaped by the prison system. Seeing how difficult it was for family members to adjust to life on the outside after doing time motivated her to work hard to avoid a similar fate. It also brought her closer to her cousins, whom her mom adopted because of her uncle’s struggles after prison.

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