Demonstration for closure of the prison boats!

Demonstration for closure of the prison boats!
Saturday, September 25th, 15.00 h – Zaandam, The Netherlands

Since 2007 in the Achtersluispolder in Zaandam people are in prison because they have no valid papers. Confinement leads to psychological problems for many of these people. Stories of suicide attempts and psychosis never reach the general public because the department of Justice covers up these abuses. According to an anonymous employee of the department of Justice more than once prisoners with tuberculosis have been put on the streets without having received appropriate medical treatment. Prisoners who ask for medical treatment are usually just given paracetamol (also for anxiety, insomnia, colds, etc.). These practices must stop. We are not necessarily demanding better prison conditions, we call for the release of these prisoners. It is not the intention of the migrant to be stuck here, it is a result of corrupt power structures worldwide.

We believe that you can not see migration separate from the current economic reality. Because the elite around the world wants to live an unsustainable lifestyle an intolerable situation is created for many people. Wars for raw materials and a predatory economic system lead to large migration flows. Instead of using all our knowledge and strength to work for a just world, our economy is focused on maximizing profits for a very limited group. Huge mountains of weapons are made to secure profits. In our view freedom of movement for everyone is far more important than the freedom of over-consumption for just a minority of the world’s inhabitants.

Aside from critical thinking about migration on a global scale it is essential that we act when human rights violations are committed in our own community. At the prison boats in Zaandam illegal aliens are routinely imprisoned without knowing for how long. Raise your voice against this situation. We demand the immediate closure of the prison boats in Zaandam. Protest with us against the detention centre and the exclusion policies of the Dutch state. On Saturday, September 25th at 15:00 we gather in the parking zone in front of community centre “de poelenburcht” in Zaandam (Weerpad).

From station Zaandam bus number 66, 92, 94, get off at busstop Weerpad.

Stop the raging madness!
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