Changing the AG for justice’ sake

Soon there will be elections for a new Attorney General in Nevada.
The AG is a part of the Board of Prison Commissioners, and therefore will have influence on the prison system, rules and regulations, etc. Also, the AG has to defend the conduct of the State when prisoners with serious civil rights claims and abuses challenge the state in court, as has so often been the case over the years.

So maybe for the sake of justice, ethics and human rights concerns, we could all choose someone for the position of AG who will be constructive with the civil and human rights of those in prisons and who are already being punished by taking their freedom. They have families and loved ones who are our neighbors and friends, maybe we are them…

If we choose someone with these qualities, it will not only good for the ‘most despised’, but even more for those in the free world. Besides, it will cost much less in tax payers money if prisoners do not have to go to the courts anymore to claim their rights. Could this be a win-win situation?

Here is a word from someone whose brother became a victim all over again from the current A.G., Masto’s inadequate ways:

“Just to remind you that AG Masto conspired to conceal a crime. The crime was that the prosecuting attorney, Ron Rachow, withheld the evidence from the defense that showed that SPD believed that someone else was responsible for the crime that Nolan Klein was convicted of 22 years ago.

Masto was given the documents 3 months before Nolan Klein’s death and she kept quiet about the evidence found in the file.

She continued to fight Nolan’s appeal in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals knowing that she had been given the newly discovered evidence that supported Nolan’s claims in the 9th Circuit.

Masto then violated ADKT 427.

A Writ of Mandamus was filed on this new regulation and Oral Arguments were heard on Sept. 30.

We are waiting for a decision from Judge Flanagan.

Read this story. If there are to be any changes then we must vote for Travis Barrick for Attorney General.”

Here a short audio-clip of candidate for AG Travis Barrick on the Nevada News Bureau website.

Read the article in the Nevada News Bureau here.