Moody challenges mainstream press to investigate: media attention needed on Maine prisons

 Oct. 18, 2010
From: Scribd

MCLU Baldwin Award winner calls for media attention on Maine prisons.

AUGUSTA — Prison chaplain Rev. Stan Moody took the mainstream
press in Maine to the woodshed Friday evening in Bangor after receiving the
Roger N. Baldwin award for “outstanding efforts to defend civil liberties in
Maine” by the Maine Civil Liberties Union.

The former state representative from Manchester thanked the Village
Soup chain of weekly newspapers and Solitary Watch of Washington, D.C.,
for publishing his first articles on prison reform.

He accused the mainstream press, however, of lazy journalism by
depending on official statements issued from within the Department of
Corrections in Augusta rather than conducting their own investigations into
prison issues and problems.

Moody specifically cited the death in solitary confinement of Maine
State Prison inmate Sheldon Weinstein on April 29, 2009.

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