HDSP: Staff assault by out-of-control C.E.R.T. officer

Received by mail Dec 22nd 2010
On 12/10/2010, a female Critical Emergency Response Team (C.E.R:T.) officer by the name of Ms Mahon, slammed an inmate into the wall in the staff office in unit 3A/B, then took the inmate´s handcuffs off in order to challenge him further to a confrontation.
A back-up officer (name unknown at this time) pulled his coat off and drew back his fist in a posture to get ready to assault the un-handcuffed prisoner. Officer Mahon pushed the inmate again, yelling and cursing further trying to provoke a fight.
This is not Procedure or Protocol to deal with these types of situations. The inmate was re-cuffed and returned to cell 3-B-#28. At least 25 cells were able to view this incident and a lot of these inmates drafted Affidavits to what they saw.
On the night of 12/12/2010 at or about 9:00 PM, this same officer (C.E.R.T.) Ms Mahon, along with other regular correctional officers, dragged a beaten inmate into unit 3-B and this C.E.R.T. officer started punching and striking this inmate and yelling at him while he was in restraints. There was no camera or recording device to confirm this.
But the inmates on the bottom tier witnessed these actions that took place in cell 3-B-#11, and Affidavits were drafted over the incident.
It is clear that this officer is out of control, and the abuse of authority is clearly addictive to this person in her current placement.
These are the sort of situations we the inmate population have to deal with every time we´re confronted by, when we´re cuffed up, or forced to endure, from these likes or dislikes. We know they will just further assault us or gas us at their leisure and we don´t have much recourse.
We need to have our elected officials, congress men and women made aware, and the Governor´s office contacted over situations such as this.
Whoever will listen, there has to be news agencies out there, radio stations, someone that will voice the issues.
Thank you,
James K. Wardell
13th of December 2010 
Note by NPW: We received an affidavit from Mr Wardell about this report asking for publication.