Trial of Terrell Johnson postponed-Rally and Press Conference Cancelled

Received by email from the Human Rights Coalition, Feb 24th 2011:

HRC-FedUp! Alert
TRIAL POSTPONED-Rally and Press Conference CANCELLED
HRC received word late yesterday afternoon that the new trial of Terrell Johnson has been postponed. The rally and press conference have been canceled as well.

Mr. Johnson’s lawyer was in front of Judge Machen yesterday, and it was decided that there would be suppression hearings on Monday instead, which will feature testimony and arguments about whether or not certain evidence of the prosecution will be admissible. These hearings will continue through Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, after which the judge may set a deadline for submission of briefs and a new trial date.

Mr. Johnson’s lawyer estimated that the trial may be pushed back until April, though he is uncertain. HRC will send out immediate notice upon learning of the new trial date.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by supporters who planned on taking off school or work to attend the trial. If you have questions please contact HRC at or call 412-654-9070.

Thank you for understanding,