Inmate attacks nurse in second incident this week

From: Nevada Appeal
March 10, 2011

Prison officials are investigating the second case of an inmate assaulting staff this week following Tuesday’s attack on a nurse at Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City.

Public Information Officer Kevin Ingram said the 67-year-old female nurse was struck in the face and neck by an inmate in the acute mental health unit. She was transported to Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare where she was treated and released.

The inspector general’s office was conducting the investigation of the assault.

Neither the nurse’s or inmate’s name were released.

In the first attack Monday, the culinary manager at Ely State Prison was severely injured when an inmate hit him on the head with a metal steam kettle paddle. Steve Roundy was transported to the University of Utah Hospital Monday with serious head injuries.

Gene Columbus of the Nevada Correctional Association said the problem is the limited staffing.

In the case of the nurse’s assault, he said that inmate has a history of attacking staff and women.

“They were made aware of the circumstances in that particular unit and failed to act — bottom line,” said Columbus.

He said there have been other incidents recently as well, including a confrontation with more than a dozen inmates at the Lovelock prison.

“We can’t continue doing business this way,” he said.