Hearts on a Wire Report: “This is a Prison, Glitter is Not Allowed” published

The Hearts on a Wire Collective is excited to announce the release of a new report, “This is a Prison, Glitter is Not Allowed,” documenting the experiences of incarcerated trans and gender variant (T/GV) people in Pennsylvania. The result of a 4-year, community-based participatory research process, this report includes storytelling and statistical data to highlight the multiple ways mass imprisonment affects T/GV people as well as to recognize our creative strategies for resilience and transformative change.

Since 2007, Hearts on a Wire has been building a movement to address the policing and imprisonment of our trans and gender variant communities across Pennsylvania. Hearts on a Wire is a collective of trans and gender variant people inside and outside of Pennsylvania prisons.

Hearts on a Wire, with the participation of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated transgender and gender variant individuals and help from prison activists and public health researchers, designed and implemented a survey to bridge the gap between our anecdotal knowledge of our communities’ experiences in Pennsylvania’s prison systems and the need for documentation of those experiences.

With the aim of centering in our organizing the voices of the T/GV people most impacted by mass incarceration, the survey also asked participants to identify the changes they would like to see and strategies for implementing those changes. Hearts on a Wire views this participatory research process and its inside/outside organizing as intertwined processes.

We hope the report informs community-led campaigns to address the harms of imprisonment on T/GV lives. This survey was the first study of its kind in the US.

The report is available online at:http://www.scribd.com/doc/56677078/This-is-a-Prison-Glitter-is-Not-Allowed

Contact the Hearts on a Wire collective at: heartsonawire@gmail.com or P.O. Box 36831; Philadelphia, PA 19107

With thanks to The Real Cost of Prisons for the pressrelease.