A Benefit Film Screening for Jailhouse Lawyer André Jacobs July 3rd

On the Block Radio Presents:

FREE event; but donations greatly appreciated.
July 3rd 2011
7PM t 11PM, The Lava Space, Lancaster Avenue, West Philly, PA

Bio: Andre Jacobs.

Because of his talents as a jailhouse lawyer and his uncompromising defense of his rights and the rights of all prisoners, Andre has become a frequent target of prison guards and officials, and repeatedly subject to assault, destruction of property, unlawful confiscation of legal mail, food tampering, withholding of medical care, starvation and deprivation of water, and placed on indefinite solitary confinement status by the Secretary of the PA DOC.

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episode. April 19, 2011.
We talk with Elizabeth Springer, the grandmother of jailhouse lawyer Andre Jacobs.

Andre has been locked up in Pennsylvania correctional institutions since he was 15 years old. Ms. Springer talks about his early childhood, his experiences with harassment while in prison, developments with his appeal on federal charges of assault against prison guards, and the federal civil rights lawsuit he filed this past December against the PA DOC.

In December of 2010, Andre Jacobs filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the Middle District of Pennsylvania against Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and state law enforcement agents in which he charges acts of torture against him. He filed that lawsuit while at SCI Huntingdon.

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