Teach Troy Davis

From: Teach Troy Davis – an emergency curriculum by Chicago Educators

Georgia Death Row prisoner Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday, September 21 despite overwhelming doubts about his guilt. In light of this imminent execution date, Educators for Troy—a Chicago-based ad hoc group of educators, activists and artists—is calling on all educators to interrupt their regular teaching schedules this week to dedicate a class period to “Teach Troy.”

Please use this emergency “Teach Troy” curriculum to educate your students about the case of Troy Davis. We are providing links to readings and videos about Troy’s case in addition to suggestions for student projects and assignments. We have also included a page that allows your students to take some simple independent actions to help save Troy’s life.

Share your experiences here on the “Teach Troy” blog (on the Feedback page) and ask your students to do the same. Educators and students can also e-mail their work to us directly at troydaviseducation@gmail.com. We will keep an archive of all contributions here on this blog.

Important dates:

Friday, September 16 – International Day of Solidarity for Troy Davis

Monday, September 19 – Troy Davis’ clemency hearing before the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole

Wednesday, September 21 – Troy Davis’ execution date

Visit Amnesty International’s Site for videos, information, and calls to action about Troy Davis’s case. You can also visit Troy Davis’s website to learn more about the case.