Act now against expanding the New Jersey immigration detention in the Essex County Correctional Facility

“Oppose Expansion of Immigration Detention at a Jail Accused of Inhumane Conditions”

“We are so furious…”

“We are so furious that the Essex County Freeholders have voted to expand the miserable rotten prison there…” – a member of the Peace & Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Ridgewood talking about the vote to approve a new contract with ICE. (Take a listen)

As you know, on September 7th, the Essex County Freeholders voted to approve a contract with ICE to expand immigration detention in the Essex County Correctional Facility, and the neighboring privately run Delaney Hall, to 1250 people.

The outrage over that vote has translated into action. As of last night, over 1100 people had signed the petition demanding that the freeholders revoke the contract with ICE and improve conditions in the jail.

The vote may be over, but the campaign to revoke the contract and improve conditions in a jail that has been accused of human rights abuses and sits amid toxic waste sites and active polluters continues.

If you want to get more involved you can:

1. Forward this message and/or the petition link to your friends and family

2. Contact IRATE & First Friends or AFSC Immigrant Rights Program to learn how you can support their efforts to end immigration detention and provide support to immigrants in detention.

3. Attend an upcoming Essex County Freeholder meeting in person and ask them to explain their vote

4. Attend the protest rally and march on in Newark October 9th Redefining Cruel & Unusual Indefinite Immigration Detention for-Profit Amid Toxic Waste in Essex County beginning at 1:30 pm at Peter Francisco Park Newark, NJ (right outside Newark Penn Station)

Marching to and from: Essex County Correctional Facility & Delaney Hall 356 Doremus Ave, Newark, NJ!/event.php?eid=236419679741397