Woman arrested for trespassing in hospital, dies in jail (Sept. 2011)

From: The Grio
By Todd Johnson
Richmond Fields, Missouri – New video has surfaced which shows Richmond Fields police arresting a 29-year-old woman at a hospital for trespassing and later dragging her into a jail cell, where she would eventually die. The woman, Anna Brown, had pleaded with officials at the hospital, telling them she was in extreme pain and was unable to stand. The video, which was obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, shows Brown in a wheelchair, refusing to leave the hospital, St. Mary’s Health Center.

A doctor told officers that Brown was “healthy enough to be locked up.” The officers then put Brown in police car and, when she told them she was unable to stand, they dragged her into a jail cell.

It was later revealed that Brown died from blood clots that originated in her legs but traveled to her lungs. Officers had suspected Brown was using drugs, though autopsy results later showed this wasn’t true.

Video of the incident, which occurred last September, is just being brought to light this week.

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