ManCI on emergency lockdown due to violence (May 30th)

We received this via email on May 30th. We were given permission to post it here.

I just got word from a family member whom I email daily at MANCI that it is on emergency lock down for days as there is an uprising in 3B block. There has been multiple stabbings with one reportedly not going to make it as it involved the chest.

That SRT (?) was called in and taking command and they are doing emergency ride outs to Lucasville. The director was called in. This is all due to the new tiered system being implemented.

This is not in the local news as I have searched throughout the day….why is this not being reported.

The new system I feel is a joke they need common sense when they consider segregating to curb violence! By this I mean put all pedophiles together as they are a target by other inmated as they are repulsed. Then consider dividing by the amount of time and known affilations..if they want to curb violence within the system divide them in ways the inmated have divided themselves. In society we do this as we socialize with our friends and live in neighborhoods which are essentially divided on income!

This dividing based on problems in the facility is dumb as they are considering factors such as what is causing the inmates to be violent such as stealing from others, being put in cells with pedophiles whom violence is geared toward, gangs, ect. Where is Director Mohr’s common sense?