Mansfield Correctional Uses Food as Punishment

From our email contact:
July 9th 2012

Ohio has been experiencing an extreme heat wave the past weeks causing deaths as reported by the Columbus Dispatch. Inmates in the 1B pod at Mansfield had a peaceful sit out on Friday 6th of July, related to their recreation time which has been severely limited as a result of the new Tiered system Gary Mohr has implemented. 
The inmates were told by Lt. Hoy they would get an extra hour of recreation time and the sit out ended as peacefully as it started. But as a result of this peaceful demonstration they were punished Saturday by not being fed any food until 5 pm on Saturday – now I find this appalling as we know not all inmates can afford commissary food that they stockpile in their cell. And with the heat, the body uses more energy to try to cool itself. The inmates were also kept in their cells with no air movement (they do not have air conditioned cells) to assist the body with cooling itself down. 
Many inmates reported feeling ill.  Then on Sunday they did not get fed until 3:30 pm. These inmates did not get a hot dinner but a bagged bologna sandwich while other blocks received hot meals. This lack of nutrition as punishment I find repulsive as I do not treat my pets in this manner nor would I expect fellow man to be treated in this manner by someone who has control over him. These are people the prison is dealing with, they are not animals but are being treated worse than we treat animals, by a system that has control over them. Would you leave a pet in a closet with no air movement or air conditioning when it is over 100 degrees?
The problem with this system is there is no oversight by people not associated with the system. Allowing them to police themselves is not working and allows cruelty and inhumane treatment to continue.