A Weekend in Texas: Through the Labyrinth of Steel Doors

This is a beautiful and sad story about visiting a prisoner of conscience in the USA, about the state of the country and the Kafkaesque, Orwellian, inhumane world of visiting someone in prison. We only publish a small part, but do read the rest on CounterPunch.

By David Rovics, singer, songwriter, poet, critic and sharp observer:

From: CounterPunch, July 13-15th, 2012
Thor is even more reserved than the last guard, and clearly doesn’t want to be in the position of telling Marie her visit is over. He waits patiently while we say our last good-byes. Marie walks down a hallway where I’m not allowed to follow, smiling but with tears in her eyes. Thor and I walk together through the labyrinth of steel doors together in silence.

When we’re outside I venture a little communication. “I wish she could have a guitar,” I say.

Read the full story here.