Plz Sign Petition to Commute the Sentence of Brett Hartman (execution date in November)

Dear Friends,

Please sign the petition for an innocent man on Ohio’s Death Row, with an execution date of Nov 13th! You can sign here:

You can read about Brett and his case on the website his friends and supporters keep.

This is the intro from Brett’s support site:

Brett was a single man of 23 at the time
of his arrest. He shared an apartment and
living expenses with his mother, who had
just had hip replacement surgery, while
working as a chef for a well recognized

Brett has always been a compassionate
person, never confrontational, facing life
with great inner strength, a tremendous
sense of humor, and a thirst for learning.
He is a man with a ready smile, well liked
by all who know him.

On September 10th, 1997, Brett was arrested for the murder of
Winda Snipes. This was after Brett had made anonymous calls to
911 to report finding the victim There can be no doubt that the
brutal nature of her death made this a high profile case with an
urgency to be solved.

Brett’s trial started on April 14th, 1998.
He was found guilty on April 30th, 1998.
Brett was sentenced to death on May 22nd, 1998.
This is a very short period of time for a death penalty case.

Brett’s family and supporters have always known that Brett is
innocent. Much of his case has not been able to be looked at on
appeal because post conviction attorneys missed crucial filing dates.
His case contains many of the components typically found in
wrongful convictions.

We welcome the opportunity to share with you some of that

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Please Sign Brett’s petition for a commutation!!
Thank you.