Statement sent from the men at Corcoran SHU & ASU

Received per email Aug. 16th:

“Greetings, July 24, 2012

We’ve read several of your articles, each one more inspiring then the other… and even though our struggle is far from over, we remain 100%! And grateful for the support of our friends, families and loved ones such as yourself.

It’s an understatement to describe how sacrificing our meals was hard in both hunger strikes last year. Though this validation policy affects us in the SHU/ASUs. It was great seeing how many mainlines also stood up in solidarity, recognizing the harsh dubious and arbitrary CDC policy that has and will affect them in a matter of time. So it leaves one to ask… why not deny the state annual TB testing? Since CDC has already demonstrated not caring for our mental health (health care in its entirety) and well-being. CDC cherry-picks which policies they will enforce and which inmates will be allowed work, school and other trades of productivity. So what happens if everyone refuses to program/work?

Next issue is bed space. For example, here in the SHU/ASU. IGI has been purposely housing debriefers in the same vicinity as validated inmates, in attempt for those debriefers to gather info. However, since these attempts are far from effective. Instead, these debriefers “make up” info (exaggerate) which enables IGI to keep us in the SHU indefinitely. And causes others to be placed on single cell status (for what IGI calls ‘safety concerns’). Thus, CDC time and again harps how bed space is needed. Solely to sponge more money from tax payers. So what if every inmate decided one day to go single cell? Another hunger strike? Whatever is agreed upon, we stand in solidarity with respect!

Andy Rodriguez, CDC# D-89239, Corcoran State Prison SHU

Written on 7-24-2012 to Kendra Castaneda, Postmarked July 27 2012 and transcribed by Kendra Castaneda