Update from Calipatria ASU

Update from Calipatria ASU (also published in the SF Bay View, scrll down to view it there):

“We got our cable and it’s a big difference. Lots of people here in segregation haven’t had this type of stimulation in years. It allows us to see what’s going on in the world and to actually see beyond these walls. We have 7 channels (not including the institutional channels). We get Telefutura, Telemundo (both spanish), FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW. Then there’s 3 Christian channels and there’s the institutional channels where they show us “PG-13” movies and play music. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but it’s a lot more than what we had.

The warden said that by next year each prison will establish their own committee to review our cases and determine whether we get kicked out to the mainline. People have been getting validated still but it has slowed down since IGI E. Duarte got re-assigned to the ASU unit. The unity here is strong and us of the like mind and heart are in solidarity with the struggle. We haven’t forgot about the Short Corridor and our support from here is in full. Better days are ahead for us all but most importantly for those who’ve endured these torture chambers for decades and on.”


Robbie Riva,
CDC# T-49359
ASU – 130
P.O. Box 5008
Calipatria, CA 92233