Help defeat Assembly Bill 74

This comes from Nevada-Cure, whose president is director of Hope for Freedom, an important (because it’s the only) paralegal service for prisoners in Nevada.

NV-CURE: I am writing to request your assistance in helping to defeat Assembly Bill 74

This bill will impose restrictions and limitations on document preparers – and put Hope For Freedom – and me – out of business in the State of Nevada.    

This is exactly the same type of action that was taken in 1997 to put me out of business as a paralegal.  A statute was passed, I was put out of business – and the statute was repealed.  Same story again.  Pass a law governing “document preparers” (instead of paralegals) and, when everyone is put out of business, repeal the law – BECAUSE the costs for maintaining far excedes and revenues brought in by the law.   

I am currently assisting a prisoner who lost his eye to a gun shot ricochet by a prison guard, a prisoners that lost his sight because he was denied insulin injections, a prisoner that was denied dental assistance for a substantial period of time, several prisoners that have survived summary judgment on civil rights claims, a prisoner on death row and 5 prisoners with pardon and parole applications. 

Who is going to help these prisoners, and numerous others in similar situations if I am put out of business?  Lawyers in Nevada? (No way).  Legal Aid foundations? (No way – those organizations do NOT HELP prisoners). What about all the other poor people in the community that simply cannot afford to pay the high costs of “state” registered and approved “document preparers? (No one, I imagine).   

Please help defeat AB 74. Click on the following link: and let your Legislators know your feelings on AB 74. 

Please make your voice heard today.  Thank you. John