Statement by Cornelius Soja Harris about his peaceful hunger protest that he started on Oct. 12th

Statement by Cornelius Soja Harris, October 31st, 2013:
Because of the lack of fear in my heart and the victories I achieved at trial several months back, I am now a marked man, Every official at OSP from the correctional officer to the warden has violated their own policies when it comes to me. I have experienced some of the worst conditions a man can experience in prison; however, I have managed to control the extreme violence I am capable of inflicting on my tormentors, but everything has its limits, even patience.
I have been refusing food since the 12th of October, and it don’t look like there’s an end in sight. My demands are simple:
          I am asking the administration to put separations on me and the officers who were involved in the criminal cases I recently went to trial for, and
          To hand over my clothing items that were recently sent to me a few days ago. I was authorized to order these items by the former warden Bobby because my property was destroyed by officers several months ago. Deputy warden Remmick is trying to blackmail me with my clothing items, stating I will get my clothing items when I ride out of state.
          My final demand is that all of my informal complaints be fairly investigated and the officers who threatened and harassed me be punished, and all the fake conduct reports they wrote on me be tossed out.
I have tried to compromise with these people over and over, but compromise with such an enemy is impossible. They want me to surrender my pride, courage, individuality, self-respect and my self-determination, and that I can not do!
I am asking for the support of my comrades on the outside who care about the quality of justice.
I will continue to fight for myself regardless, but I know the power is in the people, and my people is who I want on my team.
Written by Cornelius Harris, October 31st, 2013, sent to the editor of Ohio Prison Watch.
Cornelius Harris
# 525945
Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505
What can you do?

Tel. of Warden Jay Forshey: (330) 743-0700, ext. 2000
Please call the prison and ask to speak to Warden Forshey, and please politely ask that he orders the humble things Cornelius Harris asks be done. You can email the Warden by writing his first and second name separated by a dot, followed by: 
We heard from the Warden that he is trying to meet with Cornelius. Also that the harassment allegations are being investigated by the institutional inspector. – We wonder how independent the inspector is, but we hope that the harassments will stop. We want to trust the warden that he does everything he can to make sure no one is being harassed by staff, being that a prisoner is in a situation of dependency and that any (mis)use of power against a prisoner (or any human being) is detrimental to the prisoner, his or her development, human dignity, and that is in itself bad for all of humanity.

Please also write to Cornelius Harris #A525945 to let him know you support him. He can also be reached via

Note from OH PW: Cornelius Soja Harris wrote also that the first shift shines the light in his eyes every time they do a security check, and refuses to take him to recreation. They also use racial slurs against him such as: “nigger”, as well as disrespectful terms such as: “bitch”, “fag,” “piece of shit.”