100,000 Call For DA To Allow DNA Testing In Kirstin Lobato Case

100,000 Call For DA To Allow DNA Testing In Kirstin Lobato Case

Kirstin “Blaise” Lobato

Over 100,000 people have signed a Change.org petition in support of a powerful campaign to free Kirstin “Blaise” Lobato. Lobato was wrongfully convicted in 2006 for the murder of Duran Bailey, which occurred in Las Vegas in July 2001. Lobato came to the attention of the police because of statements she made regarding a traumatic incident in which she had to fight off a man attempting to rape her. This incident occurred in May 2001, one month earlier and several miles away from the location of Bailey’s murder.

In an act of pure negligence, the police interpreted Lobato’s statements about the May 2001 rape defense as a “confession” to the July 2001 homicide, which actually occurred several weeks later on July 8. This so called confession led to Lobato’s wrongful conviction in 2006.

Lobato’s case has garnered a great deal of support as she continues to fight for her freedom. Six innocence groups are currently working on her behalf. The Justice Institute, Proving Innocence, Worldwide Women’s Criminal Justice Network,  the Innocence Project, the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted, and Injustice Anywhere.

In addition to the support mentioned above, the organization Justice4Kirstin has worked tirelessly on Lobato’s case and thousands of people are taking notice of their efforts. The Change.org petition created by Michelle Ravell from the Justice4Kirstin team has been a huge success. At the time of this writing, the number of signatures continues moving upward at an impressive rate.

The petition urges Clark County’s District Attorney Steven Wolfson not to file any opposition to Lobato’s Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, and requests that he allow the Innocence Project to conduct DNA testing and re-testing of crime scene evidence.

Those who have followed the case are not surprised by the support Lobato is receiving. The facts of this case are crystal clear. Kirstin Lobato is innocent. Lobato’s Habeas Corpus petition includes affidavits of numerous expert witnesses including renowned entomologist Dr. Gail Anderson who concluded that the time of death was late in the evening and could not have been as early as contended by the prosecution. This would mean that the crime had to occur at a time when the prosecution conceded that Lobato was in Panaca 170 miles from the crime scene as verified by numerous eyewitnesses.

In addition to Lobato’s rock solid alibi, she also passed a polygraph administered by highly-respected Ron Slay whose work is frequently used by prosecutors. Additional proof verifying Lobato’s statements was provided by eight people who gave witness statements to the police that Lobato discussed her attacker’s failed rape attempt prior to the July 8 homicide, proving that her statements had absolutely nothing to do with Bailey’s murder.

Lobato’s case is the clearest case of a wrongful conviction that can be found. There is absolutely no forensic evidence linking Kirstin Lobato to the murder of Duran Bailey. In fact there is no evidence of any kind. Support for Lobato will continue to grow until this miscarriage of justice is corrected. How many signatures will it take before District Attorney Steven Wolfson takes notice?  

Please visit www.injustice-anywhere.org and www.Justice4Kirstin.com to learn more about Kirstin Lobato’s case.

Nevada former Attorney General Candidate Travis Barrick Agrees To Represent Kirstin Blaise Lobato

From Justice Denied Facebook Page: (with thanks to Tonja for pointing it out to us)
Nevada Attorney General Candidate Travis Barrick Agrees To Represent Kirstin Blaise Lobato
by Justice Denied – the magazine for the wrongly convicted on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 1:02pm
Kirstin Blaise Lobato’s saga of twice being convicted of a Las Vegas murder committed in 2001 when the then 18-year-old woman was 170 miles from the crime scene, has been written about in two lengthy articles in Justice Denied, and two books published by Justice Denied/The Justice Institute.
On May 5, 2010, Ms. Lobato filed a pro se 770-page state habeas corpus petition in the Clark County District Court. The petition includes 79 grounds for a new trial, including 21 grounds of new evidence, 1 ground each of prosecutor, police and jury misconduct, 2 grounds of Brady violations, 52 grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel, and 1 ground of her actual innocence. Her petitions 101 exhibits include Reports by 10 expert witnesses, and Affidavits by almost a dozen alibi witnesses.
Ms. Lobato battled pro se against the State’s opposition to her habeas petition for more than 6 months until November 5, 2010, when Travis Barrick agreed to represent Ms. Lobato pro bono until she is appointed counsel by the court. Mr. Barrick was the losing candidate for Nevada’s Attorney General in the election held on November 2, 2010. Mr. Barrick is one of Nevada’s most well-known lawyers, and his involvement immediately changed the dynamics in Ms. Lobato’s habeas case by giving her claims of innocence a stamp of credibility.
Judge Valorie Vega was visibly stunned on November 9, 2010, when she saw Mr. Barrick standing next to Ms. Lobato in the courtroom during a hearing that had been scheduled to hear several motions filed pro se by Ms. Lobato. Judge Vega had not seen Mr. Barrick’s Notice of Appearance, and instead of continuing with the hearing she reset it for December 15, 2010.
For information about Kirstin Blaise Lobato’s case see the following websites:
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Information about Ms. Lobato’s habeas corpus petition. Also included is order information for Ms. Lobato’s 770-page habeas corpus petition.
Kirstin Blaise Lobato in December 2005 after her release on bail while awaiting her retrial in September 2006.