E.S.P. Book Drive

You can help change someone’s life! There is nothing more invigorating, nothing more liberating than knowledge! Books can definitely change people’s lives, and who needs help with changing their lives more than the people in prison? It has already been proven that education is the most powerful tool against recidivism, yet prisoners sit in their cells going mentally numb, getting more aggressive and deteriorating intellectually, spiritually and physically, just wasting away behind steel and stone, until the day they are released and returned back into our communities!

This is a chance to make a difference; to have an impact on someone’s life. This is a chance for people out there to really get involved in something significant. We need you to help us bring meaning and productivity to these prisoners lives! Please, help us do something positive; something that will definitely make a difference. Help us give these prisoners something important to think about, help us raise their level of consciousness and break them from the shackles of the gangster, pimp and criminal mentalities that confine them to self-destruction and perpetual misery.

Help us get books together for these men who sit in their cells staring at the walls all day. People throw books away every day. We need those books. We want you to help us donate those books to the Ely State Prison library; we want you to help us help these people who will be returning back to society. We want you to help us help these people who deserve a second chance. Help them realize they deserve a second chance! We can do that by bringing hope, meaning, and knowledge into their lives through books. we need you to help us with this possible life-changing project!

Any book you can donate will be appreciated, and put to good use, no matter what kind of book it is. Our mission here, however, is to turn the E.S.P. library into a real library. The E.S.P. library already has lots and lots of horror novels, sci-fi novels, fantasy and romance, but lacks anything of real educational value. So, we want you to help us provide any type of book that will allow prisoners to think and comprehend things on a higher, or deeper level.

We want educational books; anything that has some type of educational value, or that will provide real intellectual stimulation. All books will be accepted and appreciated, and books that we are particularly looking for are basically any type of books on:

• History
• Any type of self-help book
• Dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, almanacs, vocabulary builders, etc.
• Philosophy
• Psychology and/or sociology
• Anthropology
• Text books of all kinds
• Non-fictional books, true stories, current events, etc.
• Books on business, economics, law, etc.
• Poetry, classics, literature, etc.
• Autobiographies, memoirs and biographies
• Books on science (any branch of science, from astronomy to palaeontology, whatever)
• Good fiction novels that could possibly have a life-changing impact on a prisoner’s mind
• Books about prison, or written by prisoners, who have changed their lives while in prison (these stories are always inspirational and helpful for those incarcerated)
• Any books on politics, revolutionary science, prominent figures and leaders
• Cultural studies: Latino, African American, Native American, Asian, The Celts, The Romans, The Greeks, The Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, etc.
• Political books (on anarchism, communism, socialism, etc.)
• Theology, Theosophy, etc.
• Books on different languages
• Geography
• Best sellers, Pulitzer prize winners, etc.
• Esoteric studies, masonic literature, symbolism, etc.
• Health, medical encyclopedia, physical fitness, etc.

Any book that you have, that you don’t want, or need any more, any book that you think would be uplifting, educational, or inspirational to prisoners, please send them to:

White Pine County School District
Mountain High School
1135 Avenue C
Ely, Nevada 89301
Attention: Ms. Thiel / E.S.P. Library Donations

Please make sure to go through all of your books, removing money, papers or anything that you may have left inside of your books, because the officers will thoroughly inspect each book before they are inducted into the E.S.P. Library.

Please talk to your friends, family, co-workers and classmates, ask them if they have any old books that they don’t want or need any more. We really want you to help us turn the E.S.P. library into a real library. Help us bring meaning and positive change to these prisoner’s lives.

There is no rehabilitation, no programs, no real educational/vocational opportunities for these guys incarcerated at Ely State Prison. We want you to help us give them that opportunity, we want you to help us help them. We want you to help us liberated these prisoners’ minds and transform their lives through knowledge, education and higher learning. Please get involved in this life-changing project. There’s nothing more empowering than knowledge! Thank you for your time and concern.

Solidarity and Respects
From Someone Who Cares

ps if you plan to send in any books, please if possible let us know via email (Nevadaprisonwatch at gmail.com) which books you donated, because the person who organized this would like to know if all the books are indeed going to the library.

Giving Blood for Credits II: A Positive Initiative for the 2011 Nevada Legislature Hearings

We published this initiative earlier this year, but since this is the last month to have it placed on the docket for the 2011 Nevada Legislature hearings, it is time to focus on the plan of Jeremy again:

By Jeremy Allen Crozier

It is recommended that each township in the United States of America maintains a minimum of a three (3) day blood reserve in its community blood bank for everyday use by our Nation’s medical professionals, for blood transfusions, medical emergencies, surgeries, and other related medical needs. According to the United Blood Services website (www.unitedbloodservices.org) it is estimated that sixty (60) percent of the population will need donated blood, or blood components sometime during their life times. It is further noted by the United States Government, independent study groups, foundations, and non-profit organizations such as the United Blood Services for example, that a three (3) day blood reserve in a township’s blood bank still would not be enough to meet the community’s demands, and needs during times of large scale emergencies such as natural disasters, plagues, or the unprecedented growing concern of virus, and diseases such as hepatitis, and HIV.

Unfortunately, the fact is, that cities and townships across America, and those of the Great State of Nevada on average, only are able to maintain one-half of a day’s worth of donated blood, and blood components inside of their community’s blood bank. Thus, causing wide-spread shortages in the availability of the life saving donated blood in our Nation’s hospitals, and with our emergency care providers, and it has regretfully, and painstakingly forced many health care providers, and doctors to choose between patients who will receive the much needed, and life sustaining donated blood, and those patients who will not receive it. Even despite the surreal fact, that many of the critically-ill patients who do not receive a blood transfusion, could have lived, and enjoyed a productive, and successful prolonged life, had it not been for the severe shortages of donated blood in our communities across America.

No one single source can account for the shortage of blood in our Nation’s blood reserves in America than that of a severe lack of “willing blood donors.” Blood donation is a simple procedure, which takes approximately five (5) minutes, or less, and only produces a “pinch-like” discomfort in the donor’s arm that lasts not more than a fraction of a second. Organizations and community leaders have gone to great lengths to promote, and entice potential donors to blood-A-thon type campaigns for what has amounted to half a day’s worth of blood reserve in our community blood banks on average. Incentives of money, prizes, market place discounts, employer paid days off from work, and even all expense paid vacations to lavish luxury resorts have failed to produce enough blood donors to meet even the minimum recommended requirements for our everyday medical needs.

Yet, many states in the Union have found a willing, and ready supply of blood donors in the Nation’s prisons. Inmates have proven time, and time again, that they will meet their communities’ blood supply needs in full. In return for their willing blood donations, and blood components, which save lives, the inmate blood donors are offered minimal incentives of eighteen (18) days credit per a blood donation every eight (8) weeks, which is the time needed for an individual to fully recover between blood donations.

There is no cost whatsoever to the State’s tax payers, nor to the Department of Corrections for blood donations as all the cost of the donation procedures are passed onto the patients who receive the donated blood, and their insurance companies. Furthermore, victim’s rights groups, and state tax payers have stated that they prefer this method of “Good time credits” and cost control compared to the current “Good time credit” system, which allows inmates to receive days off of their sentence for no other reason than sitting in prison, and the states increasing budget crisis. Most noted in recent years was the Nevada Legislature’s doubling of the “Good time credits” in the year of 2007, for category “C” and under felonies. This was the Nevada Legislature’s bandaid solution to their state’s depleting budget, which angered victims of crime, and victim’s rights groups everywhere. As Ashley O’Neal stated, who was also a victim of a brutal crime, “Why should inmates receive ‘Good time credits’ for sitting in prison, and committing crimes? They should be required to give back to the victims, and communities they took from during the commissions of their crimes before they receive any time off of their sentences.”

The blood taken from inmates undergoes strict scrutiny and screening at a blood center laboratory, and is then typed, labeled, stored at the proper temperature, and distributed to area hospitals to help save patients’ lives. In states such as Wisconsin for example, inmate blood donors have met what has been called a community crisis, through their willing donations of blood. In return, these inmate blood donors serve their communities, and obtain a sense of community pride, and a sense of satisfaction for meeting a nation wide medical crisis. “In Nevada, 96.7% of all inmates will be returning to townships, communities, and neighborhoods, and we must begin to ask ourselves if we as citizens in Nevada, want former inmates to return from our state’s prisons with a community connection, or who we as Nevada citizens, have completely isolated, cut-off, and otherwise excommunicated from our society for years,” stated Joe O’Neal.

The State of Nevada currently has no such programs for reconnecting inmates to their communities whatsoever, even despite common sense solutions as the “Blood for Credits” inmate blood donation program presented in this article, which is estimated to save the Nevada tax payers 420 million dollars over the next ten (10) years when compared to our hard bed prison cost per an inmate over the same time period according to the Organization Nevada Accountability. A blood donation program in our state’s prison system remains an issue for the Nevada Legislature, yet they continue to argue, and weigh the benefits of the cost of cutting measures limiting our Nevada citizens’ rights to government spent tax dollars, and none of the body of Nevada legislatures have taken up the “Blood for Credits” recommendations. A program that would not only serve our Nevada communities, but decrease our state’s budget, and prison problems, while increasing stable community programs, and awareness. Perhaps it is time for Nevada citizens to weigh in our opinions for our community leaders during the 2010 election season.

Author’s Note:

The State of Nevada, and its elected leaders, creates laws and policies for their department of corrections to solve problematic issues, which other states have experienced, and successfully solved years ago. Most intriguing is that these same elected leaders have no knowledge, nor invested interest, nor experience in the problematic issues, which they set out to solve. Even their half-hearted attempts visiting the state’s prisons are spent tucked, and hidden away by prison administration officials, and their movements are controlled as to not allow them to realize the vast deficiencies inside our state prisons. Some even search for the nearest exit, such as Hardesty of the ACAJ Steering Committee, instead of finding proper long term solutions.

The question should be of simple nature for Nevada Legislatures: Isn’t it time to demand that we look towards and adopt other states´ laws, policies, regulations and practices that have met and achieved the highest standards of scrutiny such as the Blood for Credits program? Why do they need to continue to waste tax dollars, and valuable time creating band-aid solutions, which often turn out causing more damage, tax dollars, and everyone’s time in the end? Who ever told the Nevada politicians that they have a monopoly on good ideas?

If you wish to comment on this article, contact:

Author: Jeremy Allen Crozier
#77906 / ESP
PO Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301

Or contact the following if you find this plan a good and realistic one:

Senator Steven Horsford
3450 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Suite 100
North Las Vegas, NV 89032-8223

Assemblyman William Horne
2251 North Rampart Boulevard, #357
Las Vegas, NV 89128-7640

Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea
(Eureka, Pershing, White Pine Counties, and portions of Churchill, Humboldt, Lander, Lyon, and Washoe Counties, No. 35)
PO Box 97
Eureka, NV 89316-0097

It Ain’t Real No More, Homie

From: Coyote Calling, and published in his new Zine: High Risk Potential.

Nothing will change without bloodshed and sacrifices. We sit here wasting away in this wasteland, wondering how things got so bad, but nobody thinks about what we can do to make things better. It’s easy to put all the blame on the system and the pigs, but nobody wants to recognize their own role in this struggle, nobody wants to acknowledge that they are actually participating in this destruction, nobody wants to admit that they are actually contributing to the daily deterioration. I don’t see nobody standing up for what they have coming (their rights to be treated as a human being, with dignity, respect, fairness, justice, etc.), I don’t see anybody standing up for anything on a conscious or collective level. But I hear everybody always complaining about all the foulness that constantly goes on around here.

There are no George Jacksons around here, no Che Guevaras, no Bobby Sands around here. Everything I see out here in Nevada is fake, sorry and weak. Nobody wants to ride for a real cause, nobody wants to put their lives on the line or risk catching more time for this fakeness around here. Everybody wants to be a “gangster” but nobody wants to live by those codes, everybody wants to be “real” but they let fake and foul cats kick it, embracing these dudes knowing they’re no good and that they’re counter~productive to all that we are supposed to consider righteous and real.

Nobody wants to clean nothing up, taking care of the biz that needs to be taken care of. Nobody wants to fight the real fight, come together and take it to the real enemy. Everybody has all the excuses in the world, all the justifications for doing what they know in their hearts they ain’t supposed to be doing and then they want to go around trying to convince everybody that they’re real. Come on, man. Ain’t nothing real about none of this crap around here. Ain’t nobody dying for this, ain’t nobody in here killing for this, catching cases, making sacrifices, trying to push the envelope to make this better for “you and yours”, to preserve what’s real and reject all that’s not; the things that are hurting us and destroying us every day.

Things are foul ‘cuz we let it be foul. So if you let it get like this – or if you let it stay like this – then don’t complain about it, nobody respects that. The only thing people respect is action and the only thing that’s gonna change this is struggle and sacrifice, and people have to be wholeheartedly committed to seeking realistic solutions, going all the way, until we’ve got it right!
And so, until all of the so~called “real mothafuckas” start learning what “real” reallymeans, without trying to justify the bullshit, this is always gonna be sorry and weak, and all that you see, and everything you say you stand for is gonna be fake, until you start getting real for reals. Things won’t change if we sit back and do nothing. The oppression is real, the deterioration is real, the destruction and suffering and the atrocity are all real, but our response to it isn’t, our dedication and determination to changing it, is not real!!

Everybody needs to get their heads out their asses and get their priorities straight before we can do anything about this. We need to organize ourselves and our people (and each other) under real principles and do all that we can to uphold those principles to the fullest and with integrity. We need to uplift ourselves and others, school our younger comrades on some real concepts, educate our comrades, give them a revolutionary understanding too.

Show then how this is supposed to be, how things are supposed to be, how things are supposed to go down, lead by example and teach through actions, strive for real changes to make the quality of life better for “you and yours”, try to change the conditions of our confinement, bring our people out of their self, destructive and counter-productive mentalities and work to replace that with knowledge, understanding and amelioration. We need to stand up for what we have coming, for what’s right, respectable and real, not setting for no bullshit, and not letting our comrades get away with no bullshit, we have to be seriously committed in breaking them out of those weak, counter-productive mentalities, and we have to do what we can to help them help themselves.

Until we are ready to make real sacrifices, this will continue to be foul and it will keep getting worse. How can we call ourselves real when we’re allowing ourselves to live under all of this fakeness, accepting this foulness, man? There’s nothing real about this. That’s why I’m writing this piece, this is a wake’ up call! We need to wake up and get real.

Let’s strive for consciousness and truthful understanding, let’s take action and be committed to bringing significance and meaning to our lives. Let’s destroy all this old, watered down, weak stuff that we’ve been holding on to for so long, and that we thought was real and let’s build on top of a solid foundation and let’s organize around the fundamentals and principles of truth and betterment, full speed ahead with a revolutionary understanding, and let’s not falter from what we know is right. It’s gonna take a real level of struggle and sacrifice, doing whatever it takes as we strive for freedom, justice, respect and to be treated like we actually matter. This is about taking control of our own lives!

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling this, then get with the program. Don’t just sit back and say “Yeah, that’s real talk man, I feel that.” If you feel it, do it! Take direct action, take up this cause, start up your own cause, take up the struggle and organize people around this realness. Get it cracking, don’t wait for others to do it, but you must be the force that’s needed, the spark that ignites the fire as you try to burn this mothafucka down! Get it cracking, don’t wait comrade, do it now!!!

I’m just touching the surface, but everybody knows what I’m talking about. Everybody knows this ain’t real no more. So now it’s time to get real, it’s time to get it cracking on a serious note!

Coyote, 2010 Anarchist Black Cross Nevada Prison Chapter

Quote: “Organizing and teaching are the same. They both involve the question of how people learn things. They both involved dialogue. They both involve long-term commitment and perspective. They both involve people in changing their lives. And the teacher/organizer is always learning.” Mark Rudd, from his interview in Z Magazine, by Bill Nevins, entitled: “Fortunate Rebel Son”

Tu wa moja watu (We are the people)

by Ikemba S. Mutulu
Source: SF Bay View

Dear Bay View readers, and especially my fellow convicts throughout the country, I send this call out to you to join with me in showing some love to the Haitian people. Yes, we all have problems. I too have many of my own. But they all pale in comparison to what’s happening in Haiti: over a hundred thousand estimated dead and missing after a 7.0 earthquake destroyed what little infrastructure the people had. Tens of thousands more injured, left with no medical support, and forced to sleep in the streets with no food or water.

Long before this great tragedy, though, the Western world has been shitting on the people of Haiti. And Amerika has ignored the plight of Haiti long enough. We in Amerika, especially Blacks and Browns, have a responsibility to stand with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

For the young Gs and Sistas who don’t know, because the schools lied to you and hid the truth: Prior to the European invasion – or arrival – of Christopher Columbus in 1492, a single island nation occupied the island of Hispaniola, now shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It was inhabited by the Carib and Arawak Native tribes who were all but killed off after welcoming the Europeans, who staged brutal massacres, during which they raped and murdered both women and children.

As in Mexico and South America, African slaves were brought in by European colonists to supplement the enslaved Natives, sick and dying from European diseases. They were brought to dig for gold and cultivate crops etc., which were then shipped out to the European rulers.

Under the leadership of African and Native warriors, they were able to break their chains and escape into the mountain jungles, where they organized raiding parties to free the people and to build an army. Best known of these leaders was an African named Toussaint L’Ouverture. Together the Africans and Natives waged war, over many years, to eventually repel these European invaders, defeating their great armies and declaring independence from European rule in 1804.

And if not for the blood and courage of our ancestors there in Haiti, we here in the U.S. would not have our freedom today, as it was the example of Haiti defeating the great powers of Europe that sparked numerous other rebellions against slavery and oppression – in Mexico, South America and here in the U.S. Nat Turner knew about Haiti, David Walker, Harriet Tubman and countless other freedom fighters knew of and were empowered by our people in Haiti.

The schools tell you Abraham Lincoln is the father of freedom, that he freed the slaves. But if you want the real, look at Haiti. And in solidarity with our brothers and sisters there today, all of us – convicts and comrades reading these words – donate what you can. If you have no money, write to your loved ones and ask them to donate. You can send your extra stamps to the Bay View and they’ll make sure they go to the cause. I personally am pledging $40 and will be organizing a stamp drive here in my unit.

In the Nevada prison system, 10 percent of any monies we receive is taken and placed in a savings account up to $200. We are not allowed to spend this money, as it is used to bury us when we die, or it is our gate money when we leave. But if you are broke and you wanna donate to a known nonprofit charity to help the brothas and sistas in Haiti, per A.R. 258 (page 2), you may submit a DOC-515 form for approval to do so. I’ve asked the Bay View to list the name and address of a legitimate charitable organization for you to donate to.

Tu wa moja watu (we are one people)!

Editor’s note: The Bay View heartily recommends the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund, which was founded by Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover and attorney Walter Riley, who heads its board and, incidentally, is the proud father of Boots Riley of The Coup. HERF has a long track record of aid and solidarity with the people of Haiti’s grassroots, who are often passed over by other organizations. Make your check or money order payable to “Haiti Emergency Relief Fund/EBSC” and mail it to East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, 2362 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. Or donate online at http://www.haitiaction.net/About/HERF/HERF.html. All donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged.

Send our brother some love and light. Write to: Ikemba S. Mutulu, s/n Marritte Funches, #37050, ESP, P.O. Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301.